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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 07:56 AM
I am currently a teacher in South Korea, and my two beautiful children are in SA. I received an e-mail today from a former colleague about this disturbing situation. I immediately researched this on the sight, and read comments by other people. I want to thank Gemwolf, in particular, for investigating this matter, and for the layout of the reply - I would have done this in the same way.

In essence, the e-mail ended by requesting that it be forwarded to all Christians and clergymen, for intense prayer for the salvation of all people. I feel this is outright manipulation and abusive, as the mail is a segment of a whole, invokes fear in the reader and creates unnecessary distress in the reader... especially someone like myself, who have a family in SA, and my daughter of 21, who was ALSO a recipient of this mail!

I get SO angry at these people who one day sends one a mail of a Bill Gates speech, or how wonderful SA is - and then sends a mail like this! Are people really SO mindless? What does this tell us about their state of mind, and more disturbing, is this the muddled mindset that of MOST citizens?

Anyway - calling on CHRISTIANS - how insulting to other religious sectors who see ALLAH. GOD, the Universe as an Almighty Cosmic Greatness? I am so insenced that apparent CHRISTIANS are so exclusive and smug and insensitive... and I consider myself a follower of Christ and His teaching - Old and New Testament - but I DO NOT want to be marked as a Christian...

PHEW! Thank you - I feel better! Blessings to all of you - and may you find peace, joy, love and happiness on Wings of all shapes and sizes! Librastorm

posted on Feb, 27 2007 @ 12:46 AM
Glad I could be of help!
It makes me furious as well, and since I first wrote the thread my disgust with e-mails advocating false information has become a full-blown war.

The Uhuru e-mail has been circulating for years, and there was renewed interest in the topic the past 2 weeks after reports that Nelson Mandela has died. There are two groups responsible for the "hoax"/spreading of false information one of which is again the so-called “Daughters of Sion” (their site) I don't know if you understand Afrikaans (or maybe your daughter does): on their site they refuse to believe that Nelson Mandela is still alive. (Their article) And as you said, it's really sad that these people call themselves "Christians" (or rather "Children of Yahweh") but they hate their fellow humans (blacks to be more specific) with such a passion. Personally I think not even God wants to be associated with this group...

(For those who have no idea what we're talking about: Uhuru: The Murder of all White Africans)

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