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my interesting sighting

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 08:45 PM
ok...I'm kinda at odds end here.

me, my brother and his girlfriend had just went out to dinner..on our way back we seen a jet passing thats normal for the the eastern upper peninsula of the mouth of the st.mary's river and lake superior. we pulled over to freak ourselves out.. "look its a ufo". we like ufos..if you've seen me lurk on here..I do have an interest.

well as we watched the jet..a blue light shot out of the top of it..we started with the "WHOA LOOK AT THAT" we watched it for about 5 minutes or more and it started moving around in a circle like your typical ufo scenario.

we decided to go back to his apartment and grab his we could still see it...we dropped off his girlfriend and 2 of my cousins jumped in with us. across from the community college here, theres a big pond that connects onto a big swamp..but, it leaves the sky open fairly good.
we watched it for about 10 more it just sat in place...we noticed it starting to move slowly...we got it on camera but, it kepy dying..(figures) but, eventually it started getting lower. we watched as it seemed to turn into a saucer with blue lights on the top and botoom..and it lowered into the trees lighting up the tops of the trees around appeared to of landed on we assumed..was "mission hill" besides for snowmobilers the whole place is untouched by people because of the snow. so going up there was a no go...and by the time that happend..I was already reeling in fear.

well this night..around 7:30? I forget the exact time. I'll check the video.
my brother was coming back from sault st. marie from eating and shopping..and he saw a big light above the towns Bowling ally...he videotaped it for about 3 minutes before it just blacked out.

the video we have isn't very good at all..but, we did get it..all together we may have at least 2-3 minutes worth watchable footage.
give me a few a days to figure out how to upload it right.

as a user here at ats. I'm not saying it was aliens..I have no idea what it was...could of been a plane who knows..but, I do know it scared the crap out of me..even right now.

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 06:20 AM
hey everyone. I got the video uploaded. theres 2 seperate instances here...when the car music changes is when the seperate one starts. I did not want to toy with it to much.
I'm not saying it was aliens. I'm not saying it was a government secret ship. but, I do know we saw something different.

please don't mind the foul language..we we're excited. I know it gets was on the spot..but, here it it is anyway.

wow, I can't get the video deal working for the life of me. I'll just post the link

right here.
mah sighting

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Bolded language warning

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 07:00 AM
Thanks for the Vid however to me it looks as though it couldbe Venus. I didnt see any movement and the colour was right. I could be wrong but thats what i think.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 07:35 AM
yeah, I can see that. in the mcrappy footage. but, it was moving.
I showed it to alot of local people around the area...besides the "wows, and whoas" an explanation someone mentioned to me, that it could of been a coast guard helicopter. no sound though..but, who knows.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 08:41 AM

posted by waffleprime

Yeah, I can see that. in the McRappy footage. but, it was moving. I showed it to a lot of local people around the area . . besides the "wows, and whoas" an explanation someone mentioned to me, that it could of been a coast guard helicopter. no sound though . . but, who knows. [Edited by Don W]

A very long time ago for most of you - 1963 - I was parked on top of Iroquois Park Hill, the highest elevation in Jefferson County, Ky. County seat Louisville. It was nighttime, and my girlfriend and I were parked on the only road headed towards a “lookout” built in the 1930s by the CCC - Civilian Conservation Corps - with two wheels on the roadway two wheels off, as required by the local police to avoid or prevent more daring folks from diving off road and into the woods. I shall not elaborate on our mission there other than to ask this question: “Are you familiar with the term, coitus interruptus?”

Our attention was directed skyward. A flash of rather bright light in the moon-less night sky was hard to ignore. Watching, we then saw nothing. So, about to resume our joint endeavor, there was another “rather bright light” in the sky. Well, my attention had been diverted and so, I exited the car and walked to the lookout to see what was making this strange light in the night sky. My friend tagged along behind. Again, the flash of light! About once ever 20-30 seconds. In the same place. Instantly appeared the light, then it was gone. Very fast. OK, so I asked for her opinion, a “flying saucer?” We were not deep into ‘UFO’ then. She was not so sure. As we scanned the night sky, she looked more down to earth than to the heavens. “Hey!” She pointed to the airport some 4-5 miles distant, and to the top of the control tower on which was a revolving beacon light. Slowly but reliably turning about once every 20-30 seconds. White light in front and a green light in the back. The night sky was filled with scattered, low and slowly moving clouds. The light we had seen was reflected off the slowly moving and scattered clouds. End of first sighting.

More than 20 years later, while sitting on the back porch of our 2nd floor apartment, my father and I - I’m a single person - were conversing about nothing in particular one warm summer evening, 7-ish. My mother was inside cleaning up after supper. See note below. Suddenly, in the west, and moving slowly eastward, we saw a twirling light in the sky, at say, 10 o’clock, and the light varied in color through the whole spectrum. Red to blue. I’ve built and flown model airplanes, I’ve flown in Cessna’s and in Fairchild C119s, Douglass C124s and B26s and Boeing 727s in my life. I have an interest in aviation and things in the sky. But I had never seen this before. It was “tall” that is, like a vertical cigar. Fortunately for me, the object continued to move eastward and as it came closer to me, I was able to discern it was a balloon. Perhaps a weather balloon. Maybe even set aloft from the same airport I mentioned in my first “sighting.” the setting sunlight had encountered a “prism” effect as it struck the moving balloon, and the resulting light danced with varied colors. End of second sighting.

I have not personally encountered any other odd sights in the sky, day or night.

Note: I have revealed my socio-economic class background two ways. First, blue collar people eat the evening meal in daylight. White collar people traditionally eat after dark. Second, I called the meal “supper” and not “dinner.” Another class specific distinction. So I’m blue collar. What are you?

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 08:54 AM
I live in the Upper Penninsula too and saw this the other night, its a planet, i can't remember if its venus or saturn but its a planet, I saw the same thing with the jet haha. Originally I thought It was a ufo too but its not

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 03:08 PM

posted by Rowsdower77

I live in the Upper Peninsula and saw this the other night, it’s a planet, I can't remember if its Venus or Saturn [Mars?] but it’s a planet . . I saw the same thing with the jet haha. Originally I thought It was a UFO too but its not . . [Edited by Don W]

In late 1954, I was at McGhee-Tyson AFB, Maryville, near Knoxville, TN. Detachment D, 15th AISS. One of its missions was to investigate UFO sighting reports in eastern TN, northern GA and western NC. Although I did not know the name of it then, those reports went into the Operation Blue Book. I went on one assignment. Two of us, me an E4 the other man an E5, drove his car over to Silva, NC.

We interviewed an older couple who had reported to the local sheriff about seeing “strange or odd lights in the field” next to their house. They did not live in town, but about 3 miles out of town. We stopped at a grocery store and asked directions. We engaged in conversation and asked about the couple. The storekeeper volunteered they were long time residents and were held in high regard. When we arrived at their house, we explained our mission and obtained their signed consent to make the investigation and to use the information they furnished in any reports. I believe the words were “for any lawful purpose.”

The E5 interviewed the man and I interviewed the woman in separate rooms and at the same time. It was not our job to draw any conclusions , nor to substitute our ideas or words for their report or to change their language into ours. It was important we write down verbatim what they answered to a standard list of 21 questions. The whole process took less than 1 hour; we got fresh coffee and a piece of pie. We headed back to Tennessee. A few weeks later I was transferred to Loring AFB, Limestone, ME. One cold and snowy place!

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 03:15 PM
PLEASE put a disclaimer at the top of your post about the language in the
Personally, I don't mind, but there are those with children and those that
view this site from work. ( for shame ! )

Anyway, looks like a shaky view of a star, or a planet.
Not doubting ya, bro. I wasn't there.
Just giving my opinion.
Wish I could see something, one day.


posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by fiftyfifty
Thanks for the Vid however to me it looks as though it couldbe Venus. I didnt see any movement and the colour was right. I could be wrong but thats what i think.

Well if i was a planet, I think it may have been Saturn being that now is the time that you could see Saturn in the sky.

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 04:29 PM
if it we're a planet, should it Of still been able to see it after or following days I looked for it?

*I couldn't edit my top posts, but, I put it on the video, that is had language on it* I hope that helps people.

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