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The projectile jewellery box...

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 09:34 AM
A few years ago, myself, my partner and a friend were sitting in front of a television (I can't for the life of me remember what we were watching). The television was sat upon a desk with a small jewellery box placed on top of the TV. Seconds later the small box decided to throw itself at my friend. At first we thought that the box had just 'fallen' from the TV (even this would've been a little odd), but when we assessed the situation we realised the box had actually thrown itself downwards at a 45 degree angle, covering about 2-3 feet in distance.

Without an explanation the first thing that sprung to mind was "Poltergeist!" Most of the things I have witnessed in my time have occurred in that house (parent's house) and my friend had been a little sceptical. My partner and I simply assumed that whatever it was had aimed the box at him as if to say "See, I’m real!" (The resident ‘ghost/apparition’ at my parent’s house has been given a name due to it’s repeated meddling! Even my dad (the world’s biggest sceptic) has witnessed very strange and unexplainable phenomena and has been completely baffled by it.)

If ghosts and such don't exist then what other forces are at play here? Given the fact that this 'event' was witnessed by 3 people, 2 very open-minded individuals and 1 sceptic, I deduce that it was VERY real. Could this be evidence of unintentional telekinetic ability? Or could something have occurred in space time creating a brief 'wave' or some other 'force' capable of moving the object?

Has anybody had a similar experience? It's about time I got to the bottom of this!

posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 12:19 PM
If I've read your post correctly, the event took place in your parents' home, in which you'd previously witnessed a number of paranormal occurrences in common with your sceptical father (?).

In which case, the flying jewellery box was yet another such event.

You suspect ghostly/poltergeist activity, yet also suspect that readers of your post will discount or be sceptical of your appraisal (?), As in: "If ghosts and such don't exist then what other forces are at play here?Could this be evidence of unintentional telekinetic ability? Or could something have occurred in space time creating a brief 'wave' or some other 'force' capable of moving the object? "

Or you invite speculation regarding possible other forces as being responsible (?)

Well, it could well be, as you suggest, unintentional telekinetic ability. And your other suggestion, regarding 'blip' in space-time is equally possible, I guess.

Really, though, a list of the (1) other paranormal-type events that you've witnessed in that same house would be helpful, along with (2) information about those present on each occasion, and if possible (3) an indication of the timing of events (every month, each new moon or whatever is pertinent) plus whatever information you can provide concerning (4)possible trigger events (arguments, anxiety, discussion of your resident 'thing', sceptical or encouraging atmospheres, etc. etc.)

Some dwellings do seem given to paranormal type events and as you say, your parents' house appears to be one of these, providing you with the opportunity to observe, even though as yet you don't know what, if anything, is responsible. As a rule though, objects don't usually launch themselves across the room with no apparent cause. Your experience with the jewellery box struck you as having no reasonable cause, or you wouldn't have posted the experience here.

You say: ' If ghosts and such don't exist ....'. But based in my own experience (and those of hundreds of thousands of individuals' accounts in the past few thousand years alone) ghosts do exist. Whether or not they throw items is not something I'm qualified to judge, because the ghosts I saw didn't do that. Maybe they do ?

Thankfully, I haven't experienced poltergeist activity, but what you've reported in the OP does sound similar to reports of same, or at least to the early manifestations of it.

Maybe you need to consider how you'd feel if poltergeist activity escalated? Because apparently, polt activity increases if it's given attention. So whilst isolated paranormal events may be interesting, continual poltergeist activity may become quite frightening (although, having just re-read your post to learn this event took place a few years ago, it would seem there's been no escalation).

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posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 03:31 AM
Thanks for the reply Dock6.

By "If ghosts and such don't exist..." I was implying the possibility that they don't. I'm just looking to investigate all possibilities.

Many things have occurred in my parents' home. Things have been happening for years. The first thing my parents noticed back in the 80's was a distinctive smell that began to emanate when any large piece of furniture was moved; a bed, wardrobe etc. This smell could always be traced back to a small closet under the attic stairs in my parents' bedroom (I could take you to this closet today and you would be able to smell it. My parents are having a new kitchen installed at the moment so the house is going to stink!) From about 1990 to 2002 there were just my parents and I living in the house. In 2002 I met my current partner and she moved in with us - this is when things began to escalate.

The day she moved in, the 'smell' made itself known and the cause of which began to interact with us. The first events were audible only. We would lie awake at night listening to it shuffling outside of the bedroom door, sometimes sounding like it was dragging something. This got much worse when one night we were lying awake in bed listening to it shuffling at the end of the bed - we spent many nights under the covers if you know what I mean! It seemed as though the 'ghost' was a little disturbed by Amy moving in and was making this known.

Things got worse still. Whenever Amy was alone in the room it would make itself known and move around the room; turning CD players on and off, and physically shaking the bed when she was lying in it. Whenever I returned to the room I'd find her under the covers terrified. These events peaked when Amy shot up in bed one night and caught the thing watching her. She momentarily witnessed an old man, incredibly gaunt with a thin grey moustache.

After this had occurred we decided to try and find out what the previous owner had looked like. Sure enough, he'd died an old man, looking exactly as Amy had described him. It was soon after this event that the jewellery box was thrown at my friend. A few months later, Amy & I moved out of the house.

Just after we'd moved out, my mum awoke in the middle of the night to a thud in the back attic bedroom. She found a photo frame on the floor with the frame's glass panel removed and placed neatly next to it. The glass was completely intact and had come out of the FRONT of the frame (the frame was taped up at the back as it was a very old photograph). The photograph was of myself and a dog of ours which had died in the mid-90's (we perceived this as a kind of goodbye). This of course perplexed my dad and he spent days trying to fathom how the glass panel had 'popped out' of the frame. We figured that the glass would have had to retract by at least an inch to pop out, which of course in a chilly attic bedroom is quite impossible.

And yes I do invite speculation. I can't even count the amount of oddities that have occurred in that house. There has to be something going on!

I should also mention that throughout my teen years I experimented a lot with Ouija boards (although never at home), and know for a fact those experiments affected things a lot at my friend's house (whose garage was the Ouija zone for us).

I could go on and on...

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