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Secret Societies-History Channel last night

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posted on Feb, 23 2007 @ 07:38 AM
Since it was on at 8 I figure it was probably a re-airing but last night was the first time I saw it. 2-22-07

Icke was interviewed for it. He mentioned symbolism in the Statue of Liberty I never thought of and also I didnt know it was a gift from French masons.

The only guy they interviewed who claimed these groups (Bilderbergs, TLC, COFR) were just a gathering of like minded individuals and nothing more was actually a member of the COFR, Daniel Pipes. It felt like the producers did that on purpose to make the viewers even more suspicious.

Also, I didnt know about Reagan being outspoken against these groups until he took on Bush Sr. as VP and then he was shot almost immediately. I knew he was shot but I never made the connection. It makes me even more of a Reagan fan.

All in all it was entertaining and maybe slightly informative. They spent too much time on Skull and Bones though. I dont know why the fascination with them. It seems like the COFR, TLC and Bilderbergs would be worthy of more attention seeing as how they are actively engaged in policy making. SnB is just some preppy kids who womanize and probably play with each other in the dark. Or maybe Im biased because Im in New Haven and virtually everything in this city/campus Ive come across hasnt been at all what rumor or fantasy makes it out to be. Just a bunch of spoiled kids and a crime ridden city.

Anyway, Id like to see it again.

As an aside, Discovery had a special on chemtrails right after it. I went to sleep though and didnt watch it.

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