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Need Help Understanding

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posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 11:11 AM
Hey everyone..

I'm new to ATS. I found it while searching for an answer to understanding why I been having some wierd experiences especially this month.. Well to begin. Ever since I was little bout 5-6 I would have dreams. Wierd dreams.. Dreams a little boy shouldn't be having.. There was this one dream where a shadow was choking me and when I woke up I was literally out of breath as if I really was being choked. I would also have dreams that in a way predicted the future... Many different dreams I would have but I of course would ignore that such a thing was possible and after a while I stopped dreaming wierd dreams and the ones that I predict the futureas well. I would say they stopped at about my early teens. But this month of feb 07 is like I jumped into this crazy world of nonstop dejavu.. For the past two weeks or so it feels as if I been doing the same exact thing down to the actions and movements and reactions of everyone and everything. I kinda don't believe it means anything tho and it may just be me reacting to smoking marijuana.. Because this is the month that I started smoking back to back nonstop.. but at the same time I'm still experiencing these wierd dejavu moments and its really bugging me out especially since they happen to me even when I'm not smoking.. What do you guys suggest or think it is? Is it the marijuana? Or is it something else? Oh and to give u guys an example of what I mean.. And I'm not sure if I'm remembering a dream while it happens or if I'm remembering the day before exactly the same way.. So I'm gonna describe it as if it is the day before.. But it can also be a dream that I'm remembering while its happening in realtime.. Its SO confusing tho... I'm not sure what to believe.. Anyway I'm hangin out with 2 or 3 of my friends and were about to get high and eveything that we do is exactly the same as the day before just in a different location... like one day we'll smoke in one friends house and the next in the other.. But regaurdless what house we're in the conversation and our actions are precisely the same as the day before down to the seating arrangement and lighting and the stuff that we do.. After we finished and I would get home that night I would either play a videogame or watch tv and I could swear I'm watching or playing the same exact thing with everything happening exactly as I remember it.. And while I'm watching or playing I kinda know what's gonna happen next and I tell myself to try and change something to make it different from how I remember it but somehow I end up doing the same exact thing that I remember doing... I must stress the Exactly part becuase it is sooo exact I feel like something is wrong with me and I might be going crazy. It happens no matter what I try to do it still ends up being the same thing. I'm starting to believe in destiny because of it.. I now believe that no matter what's gonna happen its gonna happen as if everything was mapped out already for us and we're just playing our part.. I know I sound very crazy/confusing. But its the only way I know how to describe what's going on to me because it really is confusing to myself.. Any answers are greatly apreciated... thanks for reading..

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 11:47 AM
somebody might suggest that our sub-conscious self is aware of this (temporary) state of confusion,

and in a defense might be causing these DeJaVu events as your mind sees them,
in an attempt by your rational ordinary reality mind to grasp
or connect to some past experience as a foothold for sane living

but i'd suggest stop toking for a while,
and/or choose to talk with a counselor or elder, sage, mentor, or someone else involved in healing arts.
your situation doesn't appear to have any pattern like a 'vision quest' would.

~ i wonder if there's any N.A. chat rooms on line? ~

posted on Feb, 22 2007 @ 12:18 PM
Thanks for the reply... and I think I am going to stop toking for a while.. Also I'm not to sure I want to speak to someone in person about what I'm going thru because its very crazy... and I don't want to look like a nut.. This is why I joined this forum... when u say vision quest.. Do u mean someone who is meant to see the future? Because there are cases where I dream something and they happen months or weeks or days later.. Its crazy.. I would have these dreams/visions but I would alway ignore them up untill I kinda stopped having them alltogether.. But like I said now I'm getting them again but now they are clearer and happening more often.. I'm gonna lay off the weed and see if I still keep getting these visions/dreams.. Thanks for the response.. Hope to keep hearing from u and others too..

posted on Feb, 25 2007 @ 11:46 PM
When you smoke weed everyday life blends into one big dream mate.

The most likely reason you're experiencing it is because every time you smoke you do similar things. If you're gonna keep smoking everyday be very careful as it is an extremely difficult addiction to kick when you decide you've had enough.

Lots of people will tell you that oh smoking is natural and not that bad for you. They are wrong. It ruins your memory, your motivation and does cause what you describe as 'deva ju' because it often causes people to be so lazy that they do the same thing everyday and never get bored cos theyre so stoned. This isn't even mentioning the damage to your lungs and brain, with the possibility of serious mental health issues.

Just to make myself clear, I'm talking about smoking everyday not ocasionally (as in before work/school and at lunchtime, all night etc.)

posted on Feb, 26 2007 @ 01:43 AM
I dont know about weed smoking but i have sometimes the same feeling that I experienced the same actions's not that im having dreams but its that feeling of dejavu!!!In that moment I have very troubeling feeling and emotion!!!

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