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Draconian Devils

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 11:59 PM
I wondered if gargoyles or vampires were a derirative of the devil. I used to beleive the red 2 horned devil created during the renaissance was all comic book and myth.

Recently, I discovered that Roman Catholism always sanctions those films about posessions, and anti-christs, astrological prophecies in the Omen, and most of thier churches have scary gargoyles on them. It's basically a hardcore religion. Now does the church install fear into people through this manner ? as I once thought. Or are these 4th dimensional creatures entering our world through stargates, or portals. If these aliens do indeed posess us, as I do believe can happen when someone's reactive mind is uncontrollable. A person loses control due to mind control by this Draconian technology which is called Psychotronic systems. These devils posess us in that manner. They try to calculate and groom DNA to fit the standards of the beurocratic world. They can control the attributes we are born with so there will be more doctors, and more lawyers, and more mail men or civil service workers better known as the commoners.

Now after all that doubt. I find myself believing in such creatures. Or poltergeists who travel via time portal. Who would of thought, but I believe we are all much more ignorant than we think. And if I believe in aliens. I believe I was abducted through repetitive dreams and sleepwalking problems. When you sleep, your brain frequency is vulnerable to this method of abduction in which they plant engrams into your mind which await activation when encountering a specific situation or event in life.

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