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Is America Still Supporting Al-Qaeda?

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 05:47 PM
I was just reading a story about Jundallah, a shady terrorist group with ties to the U.S., Pakistan, and Al-Qaeda? They're trying to overthrow the Iranian government... something I don't think the American government would mind.

UK Telegraph

They claim to have killed 400 Iranian soldiers in hit-and-run operations. Teheran's Shia government has accused the US of supporting the Sunni group and is trying to persuade President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan to intercede on behalf of the eight hostages.

But the Jundallah deny any link with either the US or the Pakistani government. Although they hold out little hope of their 16 members being freed, they hardly appear to care. "If they hang all the 16 of our colleagues, we do not mind because we know they would be martyrs and will go straight to heaven," said Hameed.

Iran has accused the U.S. of supporting this group with ties to Al-Qaeda; one captured member even "confessed". Is this just the Iranian government making stuff up or is this true?

How can America support a group with ties to Al-Qaeda when they're our whole reason for starting this war against terrorism?

TWS-Dick Cheney Was Right

Zubaydah also confirms that bin Laden "approved of contacts and funding" for Jund Allah, a militant Islamic group in northern Iraq which battled the two anti-Saddam Kurdish factions. Jund Allah merged with Ansar al Islam in 2001.

There's little question that U.S. intelligence has done a poor job of investigating links between the former Iraqi regime and al Qaeda. And there's little question that the Bush administration has been too cautious about telling the American public what it has learned about these links.

The U.S. media are strangely incurious about all this. Several officials have expressed surprise that journalists rarely ask about the links. "It's basically you, Jeff Goldberg [from the New Yorker magazine], and Maria Ressa [CNN's Jakarta bureau chief]," one told me.

ATS Story About Jundallah: We Will Cut Them Until Iran Asks For Mercy!
Wiki About Jundallah
edited to include links, more information, and to correct grammification

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posted on Feb, 18 2007 @ 09:37 AM
Well the more you dig in the apple the more rotten it seems to get, doesn't it?

So self serving, completely un principled an inhuman, but hey what government isn't. Your one just seems to do it so well and on such a grand scale.

"Al Qaeda" and i use the term in the loosest possible sense, is a US creation. Just like Insog's goldestein.

Your NWO government is a wealer dealer and a caniving traitor . They demolished the WTC towers.

Who do you think has been behind the secterian bomings of Iraqi civilians?

chinese proverb."Who benefits?"

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