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(WHNWC) resistance

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posted on Feb, 16 2007 @ 11:01 AM
I'm currently writing a story about resisting the new world order about how they deceived us to take control over our country. The main character's name is Michael. Michael is going about his normal life when he sees a movie during the free communications period of his day, and he gets called from some one named marcuetti (sp?), and this guy who he is talking to invites him to join the resistance. The story is about how they go about liberating the rest of the United States from the anti christ and how they are successful.

I'll even include a flash back of how people who didn't follow the new world order got put into prison camps. These people were put into prison camps because they would not serve to the new world order's cause and give up their sovereignty. The people who are still around after the new world order took power have been plotting against the new world order for decades, and they have been quiet this entire time, the only reason that they are excited all of a sudden is because of that the new world order has discovered nukes hidden across North America, in which the resisting countries Mexico, Canada, and England planted around the USA.

They are trying to get them. The resistance is trying to gather around the nukes and meet up with new world order soldiers and fight them to the very death and defeat them. The New World Order has been successful. The bilderburgs meet every year in this story to speak of how successful they have been, how much they want to carry on, when they should stop-- and of course...what they should do with every one else that is alive and resisting them. They see the resistance as no threat. They can get carried away without worrying about the resistance because they claim that the antichrist is better then every one and can seek out and destroy all who stands in his path.

However, they get to cocky, and the antichrist gets killed. He dies in a death in which one of the resistance soldier shoots him. They find out who shot him but they do not find out anything from the resistance soldier as to how much of a resistance there is, how much resistance there is going on, and how much freedom they have.

The resistance refuses to pay their taxes, as there is no law to do so. The resistance refuses to follow direct orders from the government. And the resistance is all-ways planning against the bilderburgs and the Omega Agency. Those who wish to serve the resistance have been put on farms, and can no longer do whatever it is they wanted or wished to do.

The Omega Agency completely faked the rapture so that he could have total control over the world. They did this using project blue beam technology to simulate the comings of angels and demons.

Those who refuse the omega agency's national ID get prosecuted and tasered. Actually, come to think of it, people who are refusing ID's are getting punished as we speak. Also, people don't have id's anymore, they have ID TAGS, like dog tags.

People wear leashes so the new world order can track down where they are at all times. They do this so that they don't get far away. The resistance blackened out this by modifying them and taking them off. They also managed to get rid of the chip in their skin that they had implanted us with.

Long story short we're screwed if it weren't for the resistance. However the resistance has managed to get people to lobby to the OA anonymously without them finding out who they are.

The resistance managed to form up their own constitution and create a separate state.

They live and work underground. They do everything under ground. So the feds don't catch them. They do this so it's completely private and they work with the other beings that live under ground.

No more need for a chaotic ruler. The leader has all of the answers. One time there was a war and it was completely shut down in 50 days and they won.

After the last president, the people of the world rejoiced because they wouldn't have their lives dependent on "ignorant americans" that they so hated.

They disliked us so much that they took out western california and made us a secular state for sometime to appease us. We revolted.

The reptillions declared war on the OA and now the resistance is joining that war.

Every one who made fun of conpsiracy theorists are now apologizing to them as we speak. They are performing daily raids on the bohemian groove.

They are boycotting music from the RIAA and instead downloading them off of itunes so they don't get as much money. They refuse to pay them money after they were viewed as powerful symbols in life. That must be worshipped.

Windows vista was destroyed. All computers with windows vista were destroyed by the resistance and they made their own operating system similar to windows but was completely safe and unsearchable. They use their own internet because the real internet was a military project.

More plans to destroy all of (us) in the story were formulated when they wanted to go after the nukes. That's not going to happen.

One of the leaders of the free world will be assassinated, and he will be
replaced by a member of the resistance, and they will find the real leader of the free world and regain control of the US army and lead the US of A into another civil war.

The importance to winning this civil war is to gather all of the nukes, making patriotic speeches, and to make sure that they gather around under his cause, and to wipe out all evil.

The leaders will look up to Michael as their own savior but he will think nothing of it. All he is doing is defeating the AC. The person so who leads the AC apparently is vladamir putin, who was kept alive by putting his head in a tank so his head functions can be kept alive.

In the middle of it, they develop meteor deflecting technology. They test it, however one of the shards of the meteor collides with the AC's base, making them realize that there is a resistance. The AC tries to put down the resistance, but then they realize that their installation is in Russia, so the US army and the resistance will declare war on Russia, and the Resistance will fight the AC at his home base and restore America.

I'll get the story up by monday if I can get my file then.

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 01:33 PM
I'll write more later on when I get home then I'll post that.

Project G.O.D

What if we don’t exist, what if America never existed, what if things can be on a time space continuum and can exist on forever without dying. What if all of that is real? What if the theory can actually be proven? So. I said to myself one day that I wanted to test it out. I was just a normal everyday writer, with the name of Michael, but other then that I was a nobody. Just a nobody. And I wanted a name. If we had a large group of lawyers and a large group of people writing everything down we could hold a trial, and pretty soon, America is going to court to talk about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can see that happening. All of these trials are stupid. I say to myself that they really get nothing done and they take too long and they don’t decide anything that goes on in the real world, we’re not going to need a world-court, that’s too risky, I am thinking of holding a trial with everyone to ever exist, but the concept of it would be rather radical, if you know what I mean. The world court would not accept such a quality case because they could not foresee it happening nor would they allow it.

One day, I was reading to myself that they were going to use the sky as a projector screen so they can send holograms of images of saints and nonsensical religious beliefs that were only written down on texts. They call it Project Blue Beam. I say it’s a load of B.S, or not, but like that’ll ever happen. It’s rather interesting actually. So, I say that I want to steal that technology for my own use, without stealing it, so how do I go about stealing it without stealing it? My perfect idea: I shall build a time-machine and go back in time when the technology was made and I shall find it. So, I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot, project blue beam doesn’t exist to the unseen eye and I have the unseen eye, so to other people, project blue beam doesn’t exist, project blue beam doesn’t exist. Then, all of a sudden, thinking that, I saw a large beam of light outside my door. They came… the holograms. I know not to let anyone else in-or-out, because they don’t exist, and I am being targeted by the federal government, because I am being ignorant of the blue beam technology in the time of mass population reduction. So I wait a couple of hours and they go away.

Okay…so it’s all Bush’s fault. He made us the sheep and we’re the cattle. If it weren’t for politics we would have had a new world order, but we’re only days away before they make their public announcment. They will be accepted with open arms. All communications are tapped, wired, and drilled. George W Bush is now leading the shadow government to total world control and the violence in the Middle East looks like it has ended and they want their independence and they know that they are only puppets but they don’t care they still keep fighting. It all gets tedious to think about.

It’s time to get up. It’s one PM. I get up. I still am laying in bed laughing my arse off about the Staged Alien Invasion using project Blue Beam technology, arrogant idiots. I need to go to the shop, so I’ll go. I just got a call. “Hey Michael, what’s going on?” “well, I am just ready to go to the store. I’ll be there in a minute.” “Okay I’ll talk to you later, I’ll call you back later on.”

I’m in the store now, and the retina scanner they have scans your eye when you want to enter the store. It’s a video store, and it’s about a block away. So I want to watch a video that really interests me, I myself have my own ambitions, and I only seem to get so close to ascertaining them but I fail in the end, so this time will be a charm.

All right, well it’s time to go back. I’m in my easy chair and I am watching the video during the “free communications period” of our day. I have officially found the DVD that I wanted, and it should exactly tell me how to do what I want to do. “Find the answers…” “The answers does not lies in the question that you seek but the one that you deem necessary. The answers will come to you. If you do not find the answers it will haunt you for the rest of your lives.” However, of course, all of our communication is still tapped, so none of it is free, I have had a few incidents with the secret service coming at my door. The movie is proceeding. “For now you shall find out your true fate… for the one with all the answers is not the one that knows all, it is the one that doesn’t know at all.” Are you trying to tell me that the one that doesn’t know anything is the one that is typically smart? Well, that’s a very smart observation because lots of people here are clueless, but they have some knowledge left in them that may be useful to the new world order.

I got a call. “Greetings Michael. I know who you are. I know all about you. I know why you behave the way you do, I know your coding, I know why you act like you do, I know you think and talk like you do. If you come to me I will give you the answers.” “Hello, who is this?” “My name is Areikuto. Come to the door. Either that or you will be brainwashed by the TV that’s playing. I have called 1,000,000 people for the resistance against the new world order, but you may be the person strong enough to control and constrain it so the technology doesn’t get into the wrong hands, so the project blue beam technology, can be used to actually fill the sky as a projecter with a movie. Nothing evil involved.” “Alright, how did you know I knew about Project Blue Beam Technology?” “The world works in strange ways my friend Michael. But only it is up to you to change it. Do you want the project blue beam technology to fall into the hands of the Omega Agency, or do you want to be operating the technology for the resistance to drive our alien invaders and conquerors outside of the land of the living into another plane, or back to the underground depths of which they came?” “Okay, you have persuaded me this time, but I will come when I am ready.”

So I got the location of the OA, everyone knows where it is now, but they are too afraid to go outside. This is why they have built tunnels so that you can move around from place to place to get to other peoples homes so they don’t see you and you can get to other peoples shops through going through pressing a button on your door, then a big hole will open up underneath where you are standing, pul

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 01:35 PM
, pull you in, and you will be taken down through a tube to get to where you want to be. It’s a very futuristic way of traveling, and I never thought I would see it in my lifetime.

`Before you go anywhere you need to program the hole to direct you to a tunnel of where you want to go. It is a very complex thing to do but we all learn programming in our lives. The programming is not what we learn but we learn what we are build of and everyone is now awake so now we know the language of the Machines, now we know how to defeat our opponents, now we know what to do and how to do it—we were all kids before the OA came—but now we are smart, we are intelligent, and it wasn’t this way before the OA came, only certain people still know the truth though. And that’s what you really need to think about because if someone knows the truth they are going to eliminate that person. Apparently they didn’t use mind control on us but they did make us wear clips on our hair that track us wherever we go. They make us stay in our homes and they use RFID technology to send us supplies so they can keep tabs on us, then they only let us out at certain times. I have now programmed it to go to where the man Areikuto’s coordinates are so the two of us can meet up because anyone can meet up now because it’s so important that we do because we never know when the OA the omega agency is going to exterminate us.

I have my Ipod and I am listening to the song Okay Go because I am in the mood for it. It’s quiet I thought, too quiet. The tube inserts me into a shaft and then takes me to the man. “welcome” he says, “welcome to the resistance.”

“So this is the resistance?” “Yes, Michael, this is the resistance. Do you have any questions? Because once you enter here you can never let the Omega Agency spot you. Once the Omega Agency spots you they will eliminate you by all means and regardless of consequence that the damage will do to them.” “I assume that you have some questions about the Omega Agency, Michael.” “Yes.”

“Yes Michael, the Omega Agency is impossible to defeat by yourself, you will need a team, to defeat it. In the cold war they secretly stashed all of the nuclear weapons arsenal and put it inside the United States. They reactivated these not too long ago and then they took out Washington D.C in a super above top secret psy ops, called Project Elimination. You can tell what it is by the title. As a result of the attack the United States President declared war on China because they felt that China was behind the attacks. It resulted in a near accident, and eventually with diplomacy the issue was resolved before the issues could face a nuclear war. However, the Omega Agency was ordered to take out the free world so that democracy would fail so that a unitary government could prevail.”

“Let me continue, the Omega Agency was stopped from taking the North America because Canada and Mexico’s army stepped up try and stop the New World Order and then they secured their own land and then formed the A-N.W.O, the New World Order resistance. The Omega Agency eventually deceived the people of the north Americas by persuading them that they were good and they did it under another name and then took Project Blue Beam and started putting it into mass use. This happened in the year 2012, and on December 12, 2012 they faked the end of the world by having a staged Alien Invasion on specifically that date, however they eventually died out because our planets environment stopped them from living on this planet. The bacteria crawled up their skin and it infected them with diseases that we couldn’t get because they didn’t have an immune system. One billion people lost their lives in that world, which was far from their goal of wiping out 2/3rds of the population, but it was still enough to bring people from all around to one cause.

However, Canada and Mexico failed and they lost to the New World Order. Canada and Mexico both however—faked their losses, and then they became the NOAU. They looked like they were defeated but they secretly created their own project blue beam technology that the United States rebels sent them, the warning was that they were supposed to use it for their own good. Then the OA took full notice of this and they saw how it augmented, so the problem began to be far out of their control, so the OA set a compromise, for what the countries did, by making holograms of their soldiers. They allowed us to be free in our homes and allowed us to have our own freedom, but they soon made it so that we were tricked, and then they took away our freedoms once again, and then made it near the end of us all. Thus, the resistance was born.

Canada and Mexico snuck nukes in the United States knowing that a new world order would happen and these nukes are now hidden. They are in various places around the United States, and they are still around, if only we can find these, nukes. Then nuke Russia, then we will be free once again, because the New World Order’s location was faked to be in Washington D.C, but it really is in Russia, in Moscow, ever since Putin declared himself the antichrist.

Mareikuto went on about how the New World Order went on to take over their daily lives to make them all slaves to the system. He said they originally thought that the New World Order was conceptualized and not in its final form so also, that they would never reveal itself. However, they realized what lies they had produced because the person that declared himself the antichrist who was Vladamir Putin put the New World Order in motion since he disliked the foreign policy of the United States. So, he attacked the United States, and then he invaded, and conquered it, thus expanding Russia’s empire.. “Then, he reformed the USSR. And peace was all across the land. Socialists were reforming with joy. The land of which was once the free was now a communist nation. Since that happened, people learned about America’s past and once they did they wanted to relearn its routs and then they found the phrase in the constitution that said that they are a free nation and if they ever thought the government was evil, that they should abolish it.” “Yes Mareikuto, that is what our founding fathers thought. But does that hold any relevance to today?”

“Yes Michael. Indeed it does. What it means is that ever since 9-11, 2001, America has been under attack by foreign bodies that wanted to toppl

posted on Feb, 20 2007 @ 01:36 PM
America has been under attack by foreign bodies that wanted to topple the US government, well, apparently the enemy has a vote too. Russia conquered the United States by launching one nuke to the nations capital, then they unwillingly surrendered.”

“All right Michael. You know why you are here. You are here to lead the United States back from its place to which its came. To reunite the United States back to being the best country in the world and the greatest nation ever built. Your assignment is project operation blue beam plan B. To use Project Blue Beam to confuse Vladamir Putin, and to reunite ourselves with our last president that we elected.’
“Okay. Mareikuto. But how can I do this? What if I don’t know the way? What if my path ends?”
“It will not. The resistance has been going on for the longest amount of time, you will be protected by the technology we have that armors and shields you. We have the technology in which we can make you invincible. We also have the tech to make you unbelievably strong so you can lift anything out of its place.”
“All right. Well let’s begin the training. Are you ready for combat training?” “Yes I am Mareikuto. Well, how can I begin the training?” ‘Well, you start by pointing the trigger and aiming it at the target. This target is enclosed in a case, it’s invisible and it cannot be seen. You see the target by putting this goggle on to view it, so it’s seeable. The target itself is invisible. So you cannot view it with normal vision, and that is why we have these goggles, we have them because there are some targets that cannot be seen with the eye, and those could be ventelation ducts people could crawl through where they could be hiding to bust you up, people could sneak in a stealth camera made of anti-matter that cannot be seen, this can pick it up, and then they can use that anti-matter camera to see you. They can also peek through your armor with their enhanced genome.” “Let me continue. They are super soldiers, and they basically shoot anything that moves.

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