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My Point of Grey

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posted on Feb, 15 2007 @ 10:42 PM
What is Grey and Alien?

I was thinking for long time as well. What is Alien/Grey.
Alien has other technology that we haven't yet in the Earth but it dosent mean they must be clever than human. and that might be the point they come to visit us and learn.

I donno Alien has Human genetic or not.
What I imagine is the Alien could be the most clever intelligent dinosaur.

Before dinosaurs have gone in the world~ there was one and the most intelligent dinosaur (alien) already out to space with their technology.

at that stage, grey/alien look simular to human, we could be friend but they could not bring human out to space becoz human is not suitable to live in space....SO they killed all the dinosaurs to let us live in the peacful world.

after many years. Grey haven't visit us often. human have no more idea what are they BUT there are some information about GOD safe us. (personal opinion). At this moment, Grey still keep their pomised to protecting us? so come to see us?

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