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an old dream

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posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 03:28 AM
This is a dream that I wrote down back when I had my old website, I figured I'd share it.


Friday, May 16, 2003

This is a two-part dream, the first one from what I can remember, I was at a large monastery type church full of kids. Some how I knew this one kid who was like a year younger than me I guess, at least I thought that in the dream, so I had to be 15-17. I am guessing it was a church school combo or something because everyone had classes to attend. Anyways me and this kid were going to skip and explore the monastery we found a ladder and I began to climb up it, it was a ladder that was bolted into the wall and led up through the ceiling and into the next stories. there were these latches that came down to block someone from climbing up the ladder the first two weren't locked then all these kids were gathered around at the floor and some were saying you are going to be in so much trouble. Then there was a cardinal looking guy... You know he was wearing the robe with scarf outfit priest wear sometimes. I slid down the ladder and started to walk towards him to act like I was going to class or something. When I came towards him I realized he was huge! He was a fat guy but the robes hid the rolls and he was around 9-10 ft tall. He also looked like he was drawn by the creators of Reign and Aeon Flux, he had the same facial features of say Plato in Reign. I then woke up from the dream, tossed and turned then finally drifted back off.

PT 2

Now I am in a van riding with an older lady I've never seen before, complete with the old lady glasses I'd say she is 35-40. We are driving through a city and I remember seeing a two story loft type building but one of its walls facing the street was a huge television screen stacked upon another one, kind of like the one in New York. We then are leaving the town and are at stop light and this guy tries to car jack us along with his female companion, the man with long straight black hair and a Vandyke moustache going on is trying to open the side door on the van he broke the window and is trying to open it and I am holding the door shut I tell the woman to haul ass even with them trying to get in and that we'd shake them. Still holding the side door I stretch myself to hold onto the woman's door where the female carjacker is trying to get in. Distracted the long haired guy stabs me in the arm with a hypodermic needle by the time I turn to say what the # did you just do to me? My vision starts fading to black like a really bad head rush, I pass out. When I wake up I am still in the van we are still driving, the man is in the passenger front seat and his female companion is asleep in a seat to my right I notice it's night time and we left the city during the afternoon I look down on the floor and notice there is an empty glass. It's one of the older kinds, the glass is very thick and is a transparent green and at the base it's probably an inch and a half thick. Thinking quickly I pick it up and thrust it into the back of this guys head it shatters upon impact and shards are sticking out the back of his skull, he has been knocked out I open his door and tell the older woman to keep driving. I push him out while hold the door ajar with one arm and a shard of glass sticking out of his skull cuts me along my inner forearm about 2 inches above the elbow joint the gash is 3 inches long and probably 3/4ths of an inch deep. His body meets the asphalt at 50 mph. I then turn to his female companion who was woke by the commotion I grab her arms and look at her and I am like wtf you bitch! On her face I noticed she had something on her upper lip so I pulled on it and it was a sticker of a lip... I guess to make her lip look bigger... as to why I have no #ing clue. She just laughs at me I look at my arm to notice all the blood just rushing out I lean my head back and feel all dizzy then I feint from lack of blood and it caused me to wake up.

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 03:33 AM
Any interpretations?

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 04:07 AM
I think the first one is a common theme when you're younger. Seeking truth, stopped by authority.

It kind of shocked me in similarity to dreams I used to have. Secret rooms in church towers where people were liquified and poured down tubes for communion. That kind of stuff. (=

The second is just good old nutty. Enjoy.

posted on Dec, 17 2003 @ 02:07 PM
good old nutty eh?

heheh, normally my dreams are extremely bizaree.

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