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Statue of Liberty in New Yo...New Jersey

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posted on Dec, 16 2003 @ 04:19 PM
Media and normally all people tend to say "Statue of Liberty in New York" or "Lady in New York" or whatever but a few years before as I catched my world map I saw that following the borderlines of the two cities of Jersey City(State New Jersey) and New York(State New York) it is clear that the Statue of Liberty isn't in NYC but in Jersey City.

Just thought I might post it as I met many people who don't know it. Don't want to blast bubbles
- maybe I am wrong, am I? Don't know, I think I am not as the border lines proof my assumption.

Or is it just in European media that they say its in New York? I guess it's something thats all over told wrong.


[Edited on 16-12-2003 by shoo]

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