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Blinded by the Light

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posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 08:31 AM
I was going to write a new part for BBC News Special Report, but I will leave that till next year. Here is the start of a new short story. If you like it I will post the next part.

Dec 24th London 09:00 (Zulu time)

The man looked like any number of the thousands of homelessness that wander the streets of London.

Sunken eyes, grubby skin, his race is unknown covered by the dirt of a hundred nights sleeping rough. One of the nameless.

The only thing to distinguish him from any of the others was the new rucksack on his back.

The police ignored him as he walked into Trafalgar Square; people crossed the round to avoid him

Dec 24th London 09:10 (Zulu time)

The namelessness man had already said his goodbyes to the few people that knew him. He had made his peace with his God.

His watch beeped, and for a brief second he thought, “Something has gone wrong”.

Then he knew no more.

Dec 24th Cheyenne Mountain 09:11 (Zulu time)

An alarm klaxon howled, echoing in the huge underground cavern. A robotic voice called out.

“Unknown nuclear event. Location London. Estimated yield 500 KT. Confidence is High.”

The 3 Star General picked up the Gold phone, the one that gave him a direct line to the Joint Chiefs, The President, The National Security Advisor and various other key contacts. This took about 10 seconds for everybody to pick up their phones.

He spoke four words; “The Sky is falling”

It took several seconds before anyone replied. Then President spoke.

“Take us to DEFCON 2”

Dec 24th Engineering HQ BBC Scotland – Glasgow 09:15 Zulu

“Signal lost completely on the primary and secondary downlinks and also line of sight is reporting loss of signal”

The chief-engineer shock his head and then asked.

“Has anybody tried calling down south to see if the problem is at their end”

“Yep, they’re not answering. And the problem has to be at their end. We are receiving test data, just not the main data. It is like they have stopped transmitting”

A phone starts the ring, the Chief-Engineer picks up his desk phone, but the phone continues to ring. He takes his keys out of his pocket and unlocks the main drawer on his desk.

Inside there is another phone and a slim A4 envelope.

He picks up the phone, “BBC Engineering, alternate one. Duty engineer speaking”

“This is PADDOCK calling, have you got your code book”

“Look this is a very bad time for a drill, we are already running 32 seconds over schedule”

“Get ready to authenticate, the code word is OMEGA, the day word is NOEL”

“Hang on”, the chief engineer pulled out the slim envelope, opened it and check the codes”

“Look buddy I really don’t have time for a drill at the”, at this point he matched the codes.

“Code word is OMEGA, Day word is NOEL, Plan is OMNIPOTENT”, the voice from paddock said again.

“You understand what I am about to do”, the Chief-engineer said, “If this is a drill, you better tell me now”.

“OMEGA, NOEL, OMNIPOTENT” and with this the voice from Paddock hung-up.

The Chief-Engineer continued to cradle the phone then he realised that people where speaking to him.

“Boss, we are sure that it is not London”

“Shut-up, everybody listen. We are pulling the Channels”

“What BBC 1 and 2?” somebody asked.

“No all channels are to be pulled and control passed to PADDOCK”

“Is this a drill, Boss, because we are all ready behind schedule”

“No, pull them”

At this point very channel on British TV, or broadcast from the UK dropped of the air, to be replaces by a photo of Downing Street, and a banner saying.

“Important information to follow, please stay tuned”

posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 11:32 AM
like it, trinityschild.
look forward to the next part.

posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 12:07 PM
ya, me too hope I can read some more

posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 12:10 PM
more more more... this is good stuff !!!

posted on Dec, 15 2003 @ 12:36 PM
Thanks everybody

Part 2 up now.

Part 3 hopefully tomorrow if you want it.

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