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Odd stars over Georgia

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posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 12:14 PM

HORTENSE, Ga. -- Residents of Hortense in southeast Georgia report seeing some strange lights when stars appear at night.

Dec 5th.
Hortense Residents Seeing Strange Lights

Anybody near Hortense that can verify this article?

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 12:34 PM
Unfortunately, I don't see any reports or mentions of the lights moving, etc. So, if it's just color change...perhaps the astronomer is right. On another note, Lockheed has a production/testing facility in Marietta Ga. so it's possible they could be seeing a TR-38-like craft, or other stealth test flights....but reports of the lights moving.....

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 02:13 PM
They say objects that first appear as stars begin to pulsate in four colors -- red, blue, yellow and green.

I HAVE SEEN ONE MOVE!!!! when a fighter jet buzzed it.

i posted a post on a ufo i saw:

i saw a UFO last night 9/12/03 Weds morning 4:25am UK

let me start saying what i saw, well i woke up and thought id get a drink an as i was doing so i looked out window up in to the sky, and i saw a light shining looked like a star but was shining what looked like red, blue, and green alternating lights, well i watched this for like 1hr 35 mins and in that time i counted like 8 helicopters or what i thought to be helicopters go past, some had red lights under them like airplanes have and some had white lights, well after about the eighth flying thing to go past i heard a fighter jet zoom over head and the UFO that looked like a star that had not moved in that 1hr 35 mins or so shot off to the right did a circle and eneded up just of a bit furthur to the right of where it was before, it stayed there for 20 mins then i looked away for like a min and next time i looked it was totaly gone, it was a clear night and full moon this thing was gone not to be seen in distance like i could see those helicopters when they flew over go into distance.

weird thing is i think its a ufo or military high tech is that theres a airbase near where i live, and the ufo stayed rock solid in same position for over 1hr 30 mins untill this fighter jet over flew like it was buzzing it, and only then did it move and it went to the right pretty fast and did a weird circle an back tracked back abit to end up near where it was. The circle motion it did was all level perfect like movement in a circle in air it did not fly up or down it just like glided smooth but real fast no noise except from jet that buzzed it, its hard to explain the circle motion other than say just draw a circle with your hand and thats what it did in the air but flat like draw it on a piece of paper round thats what it did.

well i woke up at roughly 4:25 thats when i noticed it so i dont know how long it had been there before i noticed it, and it was not a star or planet cause when a fighter jet buzzed it (i presume it buzzed it all i heard was the fighter jet engines go shhhrrrooo ooo oooo noise) and as soon as i heard that this thing moved away from a stationary position that it had been in for hmm about 1hr 30 mins, not sure how fast it moved but it looked preety fast to me from stationary to moving real fast to the right then did a weird circle ( let me explain the circle thing it did, if you put your finger on a desk and draw a circle now imagine that in the sky thats what it did without going up or down and it ended up just abit off from where it was before)

when it moved it didnt pulsate these greens, blues or reds, it got brighter likes a sort of low green but brighter than it was before this was when it accelrated and did the circle thing, then when it stopped it went back to pulsating lights.

sounded like two jets went over before it moved, also after these helicopters went over an this thing had gone, i heard a large rumbleing in the sky like a very big airplane going over sort of like b52's rumble heard rumble for at least 7 mins before it went into distance.

this UFO i saw if it had not moved when this fighter jet or jets flew over above, i would have thought maybe it was a star or something but it moved as soon as the fighter jet came very weird.

when it moved id say it was moveing fast it looked like some weird psyhics cause i sure dont know any craft that can do what it did in the time it did it.

it took it 5 secs to move to right an do the circle in sky it must of moved what looked like from the ground a good 100 feet so i dont know what that is in the air if its diff or not.

i should also add when it moved to the right it went it a dead straight line to right then sudden stop and did a instant circle round in sky without going up or down a level circle like the way a mero-go round goes round, that round wasnt looping or wobbling perfect motion.

the object was rock solid still, it only moved when that fighter jet buzzed it.

no i didnt have any binoculars grr left em at home i was round my girlfriends

posted on Dec, 10 2003 @ 02:20 PM
i live in UK Britain, i think i have seen what he is seeing, sounds exactly what i saw BUT mine moved!!!! annd it only moved when a fighter jet buzzed it.

here link to my post

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