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The Message of Cydonia

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posted on Dec, 6 2003 @ 06:49 PM
The geometry and mathematical constants we have discovered at
Cydonia appear to be a highly-specific communication of "embedded
tetrahedral geometry." It's apparent purpose: the geometric
prediction of a specific geodedic latitude -- 19.5 degrees N. and S. -
- resulting from the location of the vertices of a "circumscribed
tetrahedran" rotated inside a planetary or stellar sphere. This
conclusion is reinforced by the geomorphological observation of a
major "tetrahedral pyramid" at Cydonia -- connected geometrically (by
a 19.5-degree angle offset to the local geodedic meridian) to equally
obvious morphological representations of "spheres" at Cydonia itself.

The purpose of all this appears to be to direct attention towards
"something occurring at these two specific planetary latitudes." When
examined by the authors, using published geodedic planetary maps from
NASA and U.S Geological Survey sources, these latitudes are observed
to be associated with a hitherto unknown planetary and stellar energy
phenomenon -- blatantly emerging at these specific latitudes -- on
astronomical objects all across the solar system, including the Sun.
Further, the appearance of these "energy outpourings" seems to be
modulated by the polarity of the planetary (or stellar) magnetic
dipole moment -- raising, in the author's minds, the possibility that
the "message" is attempting to direct us to a verifiable astrophysical
manifestation of a basic, "unified field," connecting planetary
angular momentum, gravity, and electromagnetism with surface energy

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