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Boxing: Amir Khan destroys David Bailey on debut

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posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 09:31 AM
British Boxing Olympic Silver medalist Amir Khan blasted onto the professional scene on Saturday night, defeating David Bailey in just 109 seconds of action.

The 18 year old sensation has admitted he was more nervous about his pro debut than he was when he took on Super Mario Kindelan for the Gold Medal in Greece.

But he showed little nerves as he and Bailey clashed in an explosive first round at the Bolton Arena.

Bailey started out aggressively, going straight for Khan. But the Londoner was beaten back, then beaten down, as Khan matched the aggression.

Khan's sportsmanship shone through at the event, first by paying tribute to the victims of the 7th of July bomb attacks in London, then, after the referee had stopped the fight, Khan immediately went to make sure Bailey was not hurt.

Better than Prince Naseem

Following the impressive debut, Brendan Ingle, the man that coached Prince Naseem Hamed to the World Featherweight crown, has said he believes that Khan is capable of surpassing Hamed and becoming Britain's youngest ever world champion boxer.

Certainly, the future is bright for Khan. His team are credited with molding the Bolton teenager into one of the UK's biggest boxing hopes in years, and his drive to win is blatant as he calmly admits to wanting the world title.


posted on Jul, 18 2005 @ 10:37 AM
Before the fight he said he wanted to go the distance and get some rounds under his belt. He wasn't looking for the quick knockout. I'm not denying his talent and that he can go all the way but he needs the experience. He needs to get in some 8 rounders and so forth.

Everyone remember a guy called Gerald McClellan? He won most of his fights by the way of K.O, he looked unstoppable and had some knock-out punch, but most was inside 3 rounds. He fought Nigel Benn and although he nearly knocked Benn out in round 2 i think it was, Benn got back up and brutally defeated him in the later rounds and put the guy in a wheelchair.

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