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Boxing: Bigger, better Krence back in action

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posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 06:25 PM

This Friday Mark Krence will have his final warm-up bout before for his October shot at the vacant English heavyweight title against 'Big' John McDermott. The Yorkshireman takes on journeyman Konstantin Prizyuk over six rounds at the big Wembley Arena show on Friday and wants to send a message to McDermott, who was taken the distance by the Ukrainian last year.

"Obviously, I want to stop this guy and send a message to McDermott," Krence said.

Krence has been working out with weights and has added over 10lbs of lean muscle mass to his 6ft 5inch frame. "I've been trying to put on weight for a while," he said. "I'm big enough to carry over 17stone and still be in shape and I think my body has finally reached the point where it wants to put on extra weight. I feel stronger, fitter and am hitting harder than ever right now and can't wait for these next two fights."


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