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NASCAR: Nascar hands out fines

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posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 07:37 PM
Crew chiefs from 12 Craftsman Truck teams were fined a total of nearly $22,000 by NASCAR on Tuesday for various violations. The heaviest fine of the group went to Douglas Howe, Shane Sieg's chief. Howe was hit for a total of $4,000, including $3,000 for an unapproved intake manifold.

Next on the list was Jeffrey Rollins, who will be required to pay $3,250 for the use of both an unapproved air filter and an unapproved panel around the wheel well. Rollins leads Bobby Hamilton's team. James Aube and Jerry Pitts, the leaders of Phil Bonifeld and Brandon Witt respectively, were also hit with penalties. Aube will pay $2,000 and Pitts owes $2,500.

Other notables that were fined on Tuesday were Ernest Connor, the crew chief for Randy Lajole, Raymond Stonus, chief for Rick Crawford and Jeff Hensley, chief for Bill Lester. Eric Phillips, Dan Gill and Walter Rogers all must fork over $500. James Falk and Richard Wauters suffered the lowest fines - each must pay just $250.

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