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WWE: Mark Henry to leave WWE? Batista showdown?

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posted on Jan, 7 2006 @ 10:57 AM
Woah! a 10 year deal. I never knew he was on that but he seems to go and fade, never completely being in the top end of the show. Years ago i remember him showing up in the Nation of Domination theme which had the Rock in it. But he aint a fan fav and i dont think hes ever going to be championship material, stilll.. will be interesting to see what happens with him and Batista... And woah! Melina is awesome!

Look at the size of him though

Mark Henry's ten-year contract with WWE reportedly expires later this year, and according to, he is likely involved in his last major run with the company.

It is a secret to no one that several years into its contract with Henry, WWE regretted signing the big man to such a high-priced, long-term deal. There was always an internal belief that Henry was placed in ridiculous angles as a way to make him quit the company.

Mark Henry is presently involved in a main-event storyline with Melina and Dave Batista. He also recently received a SmackDown! Superstars Page, suggesting he will remain on television for a little while.


posted on Jul, 23 2006 @ 10:13 AM
7 months later and he is still appearing in SmackDown.

Batista is back and i think him and Henry will have a few fights, but over the past few months i think Henry has improved. Its been a much darker side to him and hes been beating people up for fun.


posted on Jul, 24 2006 @ 05:15 PM
He might be beating people but hes just a lump of lard. He has no real wrestling skills and he has the personality of a wet fish...

That pic you have up must have been a few years ago as he is well fat now...

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