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WWE: Huge TNA & WWE News Update: ECW, Hardy, Waltman, More

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posted on May, 19 2005 @ 11:48 AM
Jeff Hardy arrived at the TNA arena just after the PPV and it was obviously to late to have him work his scheduled match. Jeff did call TNA management to let them know of his problems getting two direct flights from Raleigh, NC to Orlando, FL and still flew into Orlando ready to work if he arrived on time.

Sean Waltman met with TNA officials yesterday and it appears that the money issues have been worked out. It's still no secret that Sean has contacted Triple H among others about a return to WWE at some point.

The TNA workers were notified at a pre show meeting that there were major plans for the future of the company and that a 'major announcement' was likely within the next several weeks. As we've been reporting, TNA has been in talks with Spike TV and already has a Monday Night timeslot on WGN if they want to take it. The only issue with WGN is they are not as well known nationally as FSN or Spike TV. Also, Spike TV has WWE programming through the fall of this year meaning if TNA accepted a TV deal for their network, they'd be without TV for several months. WGN is ready to go whenever.

As announced on RAW last night, Tajiri and Chris Benoit were announced as appearing on the ECW One Night Stand PPV. WWE is definitely moving forward with promoting the PPV on RAW including matches from ECW's days. There had been talk early on that the ECW fan would need to find the PPV by themselves but that has obviously changed.

As we've been reporting, Chris Jericho is expected to turn heel in the next few weeks and likely feud with Shelton Benjiman.

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