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WWE: Vince McMahon Injury Update, WWE Creative Changes, Hardy

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posted on Apr, 15 2005 @ 03:56 PM

Still no real reason yet as to why WWE creative team editor Tom Chehak left the company. Chehak was in charge of storyline coninuity and overseeing the long term direction of the brands. Most feel it was a good move because Chehak seemed better suited for something else as he reportedly didn't have a good grasp on the wrestling business. He was hired, largely in part, due to the findings of the Hollywood consultants that WWE hired last year to evaluate their writing process.

Vince McMahon's incredible recovery from quadriceps injuries has continued. He was apparently moving around good at both RAW and SmackDown this week and was said to be very animated and energetic. Where his conditioning and energy are concerned, it's being said that he is an animal.

As was the case on RAW Monday like we reported earlier this week, a lot of people at the SmackDown! tapings last night were very surprised to hear the news that Matt Hardy had been released from the company. There were some people on the brand that just assumed he would be back on the SmackDown! brand when he returned from his injury to avoid confrontation with Edge and Lita because of that whole situation, if he came back on RAW where he left off.

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