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WWE: Updates on Psicosis, Guerrera, Suzuki & News on Dusty Rhodes

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posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 01:22 PM
Psicosis (currently wrestling as Nicho in Mexico) and Super Crazy are scheduled to start with WWE after Wrestlemania. Psicosis is rumored to being using the Psychosis spelling in WWE.

Juvetud Guerrera is having visa issues, which is slowing down the process for his paperwork.

Despite his Smackdown bio being removed from WWE's web site for a short time last week, Suzuki is currently out of action with a collapsed lung.

Within TNA, there has been more and more second guessing of the booking of Dusty Rhodes.

Known Evidence:

- Booking Monty Brown vs. Trytan on PPV without a finish. Brown was not happy in the least bit.
- Rhodes has no recognition of how to book wrestlers to avoid style clashes and avoid bad matches.
- He shows favoritism to son Dustin Rhodes.
- Other complaints come from Sean Waltman, BG James and Konnan. James is being $1,000 per appearance, but was floored when he learned his former tag partner The Outlaw is receiving $2,000 per appearance. James asked for a raise, but was turned down.

Source: Wrestling Exposed

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