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Advice for cemetary investigation

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posted on Oct, 12 2006 @ 08:42 PM
Well, first off there is a very old cemetary in our town, which is reputedly haunted.
There is a story of a man who was caught slepping with another mans wife. The enraged man attacked him with a knife, the man survived the attack, but it left him disfigured, when the community heard of this, he was forced to run from town, and hide in this graveyard. When Women came into this cemetary alone, the man raped and killed them then hid the bodies. One woman had heard of the missing women but had to visit her aunt's grave to put in new flowers, she brought her husband's pistol. When the disfigured man came after her, she shot him in the head.
That's the story of how it happened, but, there are numerous stories of scared people running out of the cemetary because they see shadows or hear foot steps or odd noises.
my brother in-law and i have always been interested in the paranormal, we recently bought EMF detectors, and other hunting devices, and we're wondering if anyone has any advice for us, we have investigated one other place, but no results.
Thank you- Joey Weisgerber

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posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 12:00 AM
I'd say travel in a group but it sounds like that's already your plan. So aside from that, first of all don't break any laws or act disrespectfully (certainly not saying you ever would). Bring plenty of video film. And if you should happen to see something strange, please DO NOT freak out and run away screaming! FILM IT! It seems every video ends with either screaming and running or some other abrupt cut-off. Good luck, have fun!

posted on Oct, 13 2006 @ 03:38 AM
please cite a credible source for the "facts " of your story , it sounds like pure urban legend bunk to me .

the story is not even internally consistent . ie why would a town given to lynch mob mentality of running a man out of town not have reacted more proactivly and violently to a serial rapist stalking thier cemetry - or for that matter put 2 and 2 together to deduce the identity of the perpetrator ? were they lobotomised after they ran the man off ??

a good starting point would be a credible report that multiple women were raped and murdered in a singe cemetry , and that the perpertator was himself killed by a potential victim .

that is such a sensational story that it should be well documented -- please cite it .

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