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A List of Scientific Theories for the Corp Circle Phenomenon.

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posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 01:12 AM
As the topic of Corp Circles has beeen recently brought up, and honestly
reminded me of its existance, I thought I'd put together some explana-
tions for the cause of non human made Crop Circles.

I'll note right now, that as the thread title states, this is a scientific look,
so I will not be including non-scientific explanations.

Now, as we know the Crop Circle phenomenon as we know it has been
around since atleast the mid seventeenth century, however, it was not
until the utilization of modern technologies that we were able to see the
true scope and magnitude of them.

Now, the Skeptiks will say that Crop Circles are created by bored college
students in the dead of night, for kicks.

However, even though with some circles this is indeed the cause, it does
not explain the vast majority of circles.

Now, the following is a list of scientific theories that have been created
by both conspirators like us, and (the obviously more scientific) scientists.

1. Alien communication.
Perhaps the most well known, and well believed, this theory states that
for whatever reason, an ExoTerran civilization/intelligence that has come
to the Earth is creating these circles, perhaps for communication, or per-
haps as their equivalent of modern art.

2. Crazed microwave beam stelite(s)
This is most likely the most unheard of theory, and is indeed more from
the conspirator side of th aisle.
This theory postates that a satelite, perhaps intelligent, equipped with a
microwave beam weapon, creates crop circles, for what reason, well it's
a crazy weapons satelite, does it need to justify itself?

3. Plasma Vortexes
Perhaps the most scientifically viable theory, it postates that large plas-
ma vortexes, or plasma tornadoes, that form in the upper atmosphere,
form in the fieds.
The theory states that these vortai are subject to chaos theory,
and thusly although the pattern is chaotic in creation, there is order with-
in the chaos.

Those are the theories I know of, so what do you think of them, and what
other SCIENTIFIC explanations have you heard of for crop circles?

I'll try and get some links for the plasma vortex theory.

[edit on 10/11/2006 by iori_komei]

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