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Convenient moment to release ID cards cost

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posted on Oct, 9 2006 @ 07:49 AM
Hi All,

As always the current state of affairs is being used to covertly bring information into the public domain.

All eyes are on North Korea so lets release the following info....

Home office reveals ID cards cost

If these figures are correct the it puts a further £9 tax on person that live in the UK. That’s over 60 million x £9 to make 540 million tax increase per year for 10 years to make it £5.4 billion.

personally I agree with id cards in principle but do the sums really add up? Isn't this just another way to increase the tax burden of an already heavily over taxed society???


This is to further bring to peoples attentions to the methods of the people in control, if there is any major world even that turns the majority of heads in a direction, then place information you don't want to draw attention to in the public domain at the same time.

Overshadowed Information.

NeoN HaZe.


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