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EU, US Reached Agreement On Sharing Of Personal Information

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posted on Oct, 6 2006 @ 08:08 PM
The EU and US have reached an agreement on the sharing of personal information of air line passengers traveling in the US or the EU. Up to 34 pieces of information could be exchanged. To make this exchange legal a 2004 accord that enables European airlines to hand over personal information has been revived. If this agreement had not been reached airlines who did transfer the data would have faced legal suits in the EU and air lines who did not transfer the information would lose landing rights in the US.
Under the trans-Atlantic pact, European airlines will continue to transfer to U.S. authorities as many as 34 pieces of information about passengers. The data include ticket-payment methods, contact telephone numbers, reservation dates and frequent-flyer mileage.

The new agreement ``will guarantee legal continuity on a very sensitive matter,'' Franco Frattini, justice commissioner of the 25-nation EU, told reporters in Luxembourg after an overnight negotiating session with U.S. officials.

Europe and the U.S. were forced to renegotiate the accord after the EU high court struck it down in May, because it was based on European economic rather than anti-terror law.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

We all have know that since the terrorist attacks personal privacy has been extremely reduced. This sharing of information is only one aspect of the reduction of privacy. On one side of the coin if all of the information in question is used by the authorities with integrity, then there should be no problem. On the other side our personal information is just that, personal and is really no ones bunsiess. I know very few people hear will feel that the government will operate with integrity, but this the real situation that we now live in.

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