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Help with ADSL

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 05:45 PM
Hi all,

I have having a problem with my ADSL Broadband connection. I am in the UK, so things may be differently here to other places. We have had Broadband for years now with no problems.

The ADSL Router was upstairs plugged into the phone line using a filter - fine, worked fine for years. We then had a problem with some internal wiring or our line, so we got a BT engineer out. They said our main phone point was too old and so he put a new one in with a built in filter and ADSL port, snazy. Because of this he moved the ADSL router downstairs so it was connected to the main point. It has been working fine.

I now, however would like to move the ADSL router back upstairs again, since because it went downstairs we didn't have a wired connection anywhere upstairs so we used wireless cards in all the PCs - not a problem, but now I want a wired connection back upstairs and I cannot be bothered to run cable inside / outside to get it there. I just want to move the ADSL router back upstairs so I can easily run some CAT5 cables off it.

With me so far? Hope so.

I thought this would be easy since it's how is always used to be. Wrong. I plugged the ADSL router back in - nothing. It didn't attempt to connect, meaning it didn't pick up a line. I have tried all sorts of combinations with filters, adapters, etc. Nothing.

For the time being I have moved it back downstairs on the main point where I know it works. But this is going to be a pain.

Now, I wouldn't consider myself a 'newbie' - I work as a senior network administrator for a big organisation near me - I just cannot fathem this stupid thing out.

Is it because the BT engineer made it somehow (not sure how personally) only work using the main point, or is it something silly like filter combinations?

If I cannot get it sorted then I guess it leaves me no choice but to either run some CAT5 cable internally to get upstairs, run a long ADSL cable from the main point to the ADSL router upstairs or to set up some type of wireless ad-hoc AP upstairs to join the networks and them bridge the ethernet connections.

What do you people reckon?

Thanks and sorry for the long post.

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