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Gunman Kills Colorado Schoolgirl, Then Himself

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posted on Sep, 28 2006 @ 07:45 AM
Another hostage killing has taken place at a Colorado highschool. Though not near as bloody as the Colombine shooting rampage, it appears just as meaningless. A middleaged male is reported to have forced his way into the 460-student school seizing six girls. Negotiations made him later release the four of them. The gunman then set a deadline, and as he claimed to have explosives police took no chance but breached the classroom as the deadline run out. The result was one of the girls deadly wounded as he shot her and then himself.


The wounded girl was rushed by helicopter to St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver but died there, hospital spokeswoman Bev Lilly said. Her classmate and fellow hostage was apparently not hurt in the incident, which drew comparisons to the 1999 Columbine massacre that took place 30 miles away in Littleton, Colorado.

Police raided the classroom building after the gunman, who initially held six people, broke off negotiations. The incident began shortly before noon when the man, whose identity was not immediately known by police, walked into Platte Canyon High School in the small mountain town of Bailey and opened fire.

"We tried talking to this individual and had some success," Park County Sheriff Fred Wegener told reporters. "He started to release hostages, but eventually he gave us a deadline of 4 o'clock (to back off) and ceased talking to negotiators, at which time we decided a tactical solution needed to be done.

"Entry was made, the suspect shot one of hostages and then shot himself," an emotional Wegener said. "That's what it looks like, although the investigation is still ongoing."

Earlier, officials had said the gunman was killed by police when they entered the school.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

One might ask what goes on when things like this happen. Why do they do it. And why keep such incidents seemingly repeating themselves at a regular basis? I have no answer.

Michael More, the director who made 9/11 and also did a film on the Columbine massacre, explains it by both the kids had fathers working at Lockheed Martin, a major Pentagon contractor, and producer of sophisticated and highly deadly weapon systems.

Is it really so, the sons pay for the sins of the fathers?

The motive and identity of this individual in question remains to be seen.

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posted on Mar, 31 2007 @ 12:01 AM

From the official timeline amd other sources:

Morrison arrives in his jeep and parks in the parking lot of Platte Canyone High school

Morrison exits his jeep and walks toward the school

Student Katrina Keller says she sees angry man wearing a hoodie sitting in classroom

Sgt Hardy leaves the school in his marked patrol car

Morrison enters classroom 206

First 911 call from school. One shot already fired.

Read the timeline closely. There is an overlap of an hour and a half where Morrision and the school resource officer, a "Sgt. Hardy," are on school grounds at the same time. And that includes an overlap of about 30 minutes where they are both in the school building. I find it bizarre that Morrison was able to spend over an hour in his car parked in the lot, and then at least 45 minutes in the school, without being spotted by a single adult. Keep in mind the high school only had 450 students. That was not a large school(though there was another middle school next door). Nor was an interview with 'Sgt Hardy' available anywhere. And what is a sergeant doing babysitting a school?

posted on Mar, 31 2007 @ 07:36 AM
Thanks for posting this, starviego.

I myself had almost forgotten about this story. In cases like this you seldom hear about the aftermath and investigations. This information you now posted is of great value to the story.

I've spend the afternoon studying the stories in the link, and though the story itself is dishartening it's contending to learn details and the whole aftermath. Thanks again, starviego.

I'm not sure if I find anything suspecious in this 'Sgt Hardy' except he has done his job very poorly. Not sure of any conspiracy there, though it does seem suspecious the killer could be on the schools premesis for that long without detection.

I find it more interesting that the victim had the card of the Harley-Davidson dealership in her vallet, the same kind of card the killer had in his possesion. Some correlation there, which seems poorly investigated but explained by the killer had a chance to switch it in her wallet. Hm...

What I do feel appaling, coming from a more peaceful European country, is the way this crises was dealt with -- with explosives. Personally I think a more psychological and prudent approach could have solved this crises without the loss of lives, at least without the loss of the poor girl's life.

The most disheartening with the story is this pity guy quiet obviously didn't wanna become the killer he tricked himself into.

A very sad story indeed.

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