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Eye witness testimony to explosions in the WTC basement.

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posted on Sep, 15 2006 @ 07:50 PM

This movies in three half hour parts, and i give a link to the second segment.

I doubted the explosives in the basement story till this guy who was there, who was blown off his feet in the subbasement came forward to give his testimony. No, he is not the janitor from the basement, but another worker who had stuff fall on him due to the explosions..

Powerful stuff this three part documentary. Oh and some super heavy hitters in this film - PhD's, structural scientists, explosive experts, fire chiefs.....

posted on Sep, 15 2006 @ 08:00 PM
Yes, there are reports of the people in the basement going down due to this explosion.

Robert Falcon worked in the parking garage at the towers: "When the blast shook it went dark and we all went down, and I had a flashlight and everyone was screaming at me.

Also, there were "collapses" of some sort down there that at least wounded and appeared to trap people:

0853 4-1 radios WTC Police Desk reporting an explosion on the lower level.

0857 WTC requests an available unit to check Turner Construction, 1 WTC B-4 Level, report of broken water pipes.

0901 PO Houston, PO Davis and PO Wholey start to evacuate the B-4 Level, 1 WTC.

0911 PO Houston, PO Davis and PO Wholey are clear of the B-4 level. PO Houston asks, "Where do you need us?" WTC Police Desk responds the 90th and the 22nd floors.

0912 PO Houston, PO Davis and PO Wholey advise Police Desk of trapped ABM workers on the B-4 level, as per a report from an ABM worker. The desk acknowledges.

PAPD JOHN O'DONNELL: Yeah. But I have no ... at this point, I have no idea. There was a report of a collapse on the B-4 level too.


PAPD JOHN O'DONNELL: Yeah. So I really don't know what's going on.

PAPD OFFICER 33: Three-three, desk.

PAPD OFFICER DESK: Go, thirty-three.

PAPD OFFICER 33: Myself and (Inaudible) to the Trade Center responding with scott packs to the B-4 level. There's a report of a cave-in, and people trapped.

PAPD OFFICER DESK: Roger, three-three and eight-two Houston, World Trade responding B-4 level on a report of a cave-in.

PAPD OFFICER 33: Three-three, desk.

PAPD OFFICER DESK: Go, three-three.

PAPD OFFICER 33: There's also been a cave-in at the platform of the PATH plaza ... there's a live electrical, and water running. Turn off the power in that area.


PAPD OFFICER TRUCK ONE: Truck one, desk.

PAPD OFFICER: Truck one, go.

PAPD OFFICER DESK: Three-three is reporting that there is a cave-in, B-4 level, at the World Trade, copy? A possibility of people trapped.

8:48 a.m. WTC Security radio report, PA Channel X – “…..Be advised I have two (ATM ?)
workers down here on B2 between the red and the yellow lot. Be advised, I got
two…workers hurt. I need a, ah, EMT down here ASAP.” “Where do you need
assistance for the (ATM?) workers?” “…?… between a the red lot and yellow lot where
the walkway where the (ATM?) office is”

8:50:48 WTC Security radio report, PA Channel X – “…?… Be advised, I have two…. workers
down here on B2 between the red and …Be advised I got two…workers I need an EMT
down here ASAP.” “Where do you need assistance for the ….workers?” “B2 between
the red…walkway…”

8:51:12 PAPD Police Desk radio report, PA Channel W –“Four One to WTC” “Go ahead.” “B1
Level ..(garbled).. We had a minor explosion or major explosion. Something happened
down here.”

8:53:23 WTC Security radio report, PA Channel X – “…?… Please let me get through the PATH
train. Something is going on at the PATH train. Can you ask somebody…?… make
announcement 310B…people running out of the PATH train. Copy?”

8:54 NYPD – PAPD is notified to shut down all PATH tunnels and trains
All ESU teams advised to respond to Church and Vesey Streets. (NYPD, McKinsey &
Company, 2002)

posted on Sep, 15 2006 @ 08:09 PM
wow valhal thanks for the extra info -

Now have a listen to the video at 12 minutes - FFW to that point and listen to the engineers worrying about the massive movement of the foundation 'tub' that holds back the hudson. 18 inches of movement....

Man what ever happend in that basement was a HUGE event...not the brushed over rantings of 'woo hoo's and CT's".

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