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Why the universe exists....... an insight!

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posted on Sep, 14 2006 @ 01:38 AM
I'm not going to pretend to know it all (ultimately there is nothing to know anyway) but I thought I'd share with you all some insights...
Well the easiest way to put it is "something exists to know that nothing exists". The statement in itself probably has you no closer to the answers on it's own but it's the extent that you relate to what the words point towards that will depend on how much sense it makes to you.
Let me try to explain (an almost impossible really). Before "creation" if you will, there was the field of all possiblities (religions and even modern science points towards this, we could also call that god) or another way to say it is there was nothing, even that is a paradox because nothing wasn't there because nothing can not exist (existance comes from the latin word that means to stand out! stand out from nothing of course). Human mind has a hard time of this because to conceptualize we need to thing of something, but something looses the essence of nothing and thus no longer is the nothing it is trying to describe (am I loosing you here?)
Anyway nothing has an intention (science and religions and common sense will tell you every action is preceded by intention, so intention really is the power not the action I think) and that intention is to make the Universe/world. Then we could say the big bang occured and this nothingness (a vast intelligence) has been at the route of the evolving universe. As we know through time the universe expands and as it expands the universe grows in complexity, ultimately all things are made from this nothingness and here we have our theory of oneness, one love, one life, one origin (more religious overtones). Eventually created things get complex enough that they grow in intelligence and begin to realize their own origins (this is what is happening now, slowly of course). Here is a neat way to look at it, god creates the universe (I think god and evolution are two of the same) and it's creations eventually come to recognize their origins, so to know we exist, of course with oneness we are god personified. So think about it you are your own creation, and one day you will recognize your origins (enlightenment if you will).
These are all words and really how can a conceptualized theory based on perception limited to our few scenses encompass the totality of the entire universe? Of course it cannot as words and thoughts are something and something is no longer nothing as becomming something it looses the essense of nothing.
Here are a few other things to ponder, the universe grows from nothing and science seems to hypotheize that the universe will stop growing and could retreat to it's origin (who knows maybe to just start again and again, which mind you the bible and Buddism points towards). Now look at the microcosmic evidence of that, your breath, your heart, and as I just found out the world also breathes one breath every year (CO2 from vegitation in the seasons causes that!), economies, and just about every other thing in nature and existence. Anyway I'm almost at the character max so I'll sign off shortly.
What I'd like to tell you all most importantly is don't look to words, theories, books, etc for your answers. All you need to know you already do, just spend your time working towards not thinking and not doing, find the silence (the inner equivalent to nothing for your mind is silence). And in that silence and nothingness you will find yourself and all the answers to life, which of course are nothing as there is nothing to know.


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