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The real way to deflect misinformation-action

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posted on Sep, 13 2006 @ 11:46 PM
Do you feel something is wrong with our country?

If you are reading this letter it means that you are aware of the corruption in this government, and I have a question to ask you. What do you expect from your government? Privacy, Protection, honesty? And if your government did not provide this for you what does that warrant? Un-satisfaction at the very least I would assume. But what if your government directly lied to you in the name of privacy and protection? Then what does this oblige you to do? I ask you, can a government function without a satisfied people?

If you are reading this letter, then I need not tell you the crimes of this government against foreign peoples, its own citizens, and the very structure that it is based on, the constitution. So with this knowledge what will you do? If you are reading this letter then you have probably already done something, maybe you have made an informative documentary, preached the truth to your congregation, exposed governmental corruption through your music, or reached thousands of listeners on your radio show maybe not. Although these are all commendable things the question should not be what have you done, but what we can do.

Alone we can be destroyed, labeled as crazy conspiracy theorist, a radical preacher, a hate-filled hip-hop artist, or just another one of those weak liberal radio personalities. However as a unit we are not just a bunch of immigrants, naïve college students or, just the black community we are a movement; a collection of PEOPLE, citizens who love their country and its people and want to make things better.

We are collection of people organized around an idea. This is fundamental because an idea such as this can never be destroyed it can never be forgotten because it is intrinsic to human nature. Humans do not like to be oppressed, people do not like to be lied to by those who are supposed to protect them, and when they are; the idea is reborn. The idea is this, people have the right to the truth, people have the right to live, people have the right to pray to the god of their choosing, people have the right to provide a good life for their children, people have the right to play a part in their government, people have the right to form their own governments without having another’s shoved down their throats, people have the right to their land’s natural resources be they buffalo, oil, or natural gas. Basically the idea is people have rights.

So here we are. We are being lied to, we are being oppressed, and we are unsatisfied. The least of any of the current government’s crimes should be met with outrage and yet all we hear is but a murmur when we should be giving a roar.

Have we as a people forgotten how to roar, have we forgotten what it is that so many have fought to protect. Yes we have, but it is easy to remember.

So in short this letter is to anyone who knows that it is not a crime to be a Muslim, a homosexual, an immigrant, or an African American.

To anyone who thinks that it is immoral to destroy a country full of normal women children, and men who’ve never even met a member of Al-Qaeda.

To those who believe that even poor black people deserve to be saved from a hurricane.

It is time to end the talks. We need to excersise our right to rally against a government that does not represent us.Talking about what they are doing to us does nothing, but guess what doing something does.

If you in some way agree with these statements please U2U me and ask what WE can do especially if you live in Chicago

posted on Oct, 4 2006 @ 02:29 PM
Your post strikes on a lot of valid points and frankly im suprised it didnt get any replys.People are full of hot air im afraid,quick to give their two cents on the internet,slow or static to do anything about anything in the real world.Talk is cheap and action costs,very few are willing to pay the price..

posted on Oct, 11 2006 @ 12:57 AM
Voting for change works pretty good, but actual revolution and a call to action takes extreme effort and can cause unrealized painful consequences. Most folks are unwilling to exert themselves or expose themselves to inconvenience and possible painful consequences.

Historically in this country, people are broken down into three groups. 1/3 will act and sacrifice for a just cause, 1/3 will compromise and the other 1/3 are typically pacifistic and non-confrontational. In our current circumstances I don't see enough personal suffering or sacrifice on an individual basis that would cause a ground swell of movement for change.

There are and will continue to be injustices, but there doesn't appear to be a "nuclear" social event ocurring in the US right now. Most people I know are more concerned about external threats, not internal threats. We have a way to go before we become the former USSR and start populating gulags in Alaska. Also, in the current circumstances many people will not get out from in front of the monitor or TV screen to do more than go to the bathroom and get an ocassional drink. This is going to be like pushing the cart up-hill.

posted on Jan, 11 2007 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by TheStampede

To those who believe that even poor black people deserve to be saved from a hurricane.

If you in some way agree with these statements please U2U me and ask what WE can do especially if you live in Chicago

I dont agree with your statement. I think you went to public schools and got a education in emotions. Your whole premise is on the basis of the word..


The concept of deserve is used by people who like to be breast others. OUt of the public till. Many do so as a career. I am also speaking about corporations here too...not just people in a hurricane.

You never look to government as the solution to anything ..ever...they are usually the problem. You should already know this...especially living up north in Chicago.

Governments have always been corrupt...nothing new here..not just this one but others too. I dont know what you are possibly thinking about.

You use a few examples of what you think are offer no clear solutions. You use implicit ..not explicit. This is the same tack that a politician uses. Are you a politician?

THis is not Jerry Springer..and his injustice techniques. Do you have any real solutions other than gripes??

I suggest to you that any solution will not be through government. Do not long term look to the government for the solution to anything. The obvious pattern of government is to place blame and take credit whenever possible. This is not working in the public intrest. THe famous hurricane to which you are refering is a textbook example of this on all sides.

My question to you is how much of your goodies and time are you willing to give up to make this a better world or country?? Not everyone else but you personally...goodies and time?? HOw much???

Your problem is you assume everyone "Deserves." Sorry but it is not true.
What you find is that people deserve what everyone else produces.
Your belief makes good politics and gets people elected from the public till but it is not true.

People who deserve work and sacrafices to prepare for problems..not look to government or others to "rescue them."

I dont owe people because I made preparations for disasters and others did not.

I took care of eight people for 10 days here after a hurricane. Most of these people were less than useless...totally high maintenance and "Deserving" of others time labors and moneys. I will not be doing this again. THese people were actually resentful when you wanted help from them. But they know how to go where the good times and good easy free stuff is located.
They did not help maintain the generator..they did not buy fuel..they did not help with food...they just pit stopped on others time and labor before going back out on the race track. High speed..low drag.

I even offered electricity from my generator to my neighbor. This guy was so stupid that he listened to his wife and plugged in his window airconditioner rather than just his refrigerator and some lights. His wife was more concerned with her immediate comfort levels then her long term survival. He overloaded my small generator with his very large 110 volt airconditioner. He would have had us all without electricity by not thinking. I unplugged him and his house and pulled my cord back to my property. And this "Deserving " type was actually resentful of me taking my electricity back. To this day that I know of he has not made any preparations. I will not be helping him again in the next hurricane even though I purchased a much larger generator. I now have two generators. the way...this neighbor of whom I am speaking is not if blackness or non blackness is even important in what you are describing.

Some people are just plain liabilities. And you want to talk about "Deserve"
How much people "Deserve". I dont buy it.

How much of your substance are you going to be putting on the line for the comfort and survivability of others??

NOw...are all people like those I am they are not. YOu just be very particular about who is "deserving " of your time and moneys.

The term "Deserve" is an implication used and misused by others to fool many peoples. It is nice politics but often conflicts with the reality you find on the streets. I am not here for indentured servitude...yours or anyone elses. I have already been up that trail.
Most of these people are savy enough to prepare for tonights television program..but not for their survival. Really stupid. THey too went to public schools. You can translate my last sentance as a television education.


posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 06:59 AM
I think that people deserve to see their tax-money NOT being spent on war and weaponry that leads not to peace but to more war and threats. I think people deserve to feel in charge of the country they inhabit. They deserve to know the truth of all that is happening and why it is happening. They deserve not to be lied to, not kept in the dark, not to be told the direct opposite of what is really going on year after year, decade after decade. They are the ones electing their commanders and should expect that the leaders of their nation does its very best at taking care of their people so at least a vast majority can say "I believe this is the right thing for us to do in the long term considering all the facts because I know it in my heart and no one told me to think so".

If you don't deserve this you are a subdued slave and happy about it. Then you can move to North Korea, Turkmenistan or whatever...

posted on Jan, 12 2007 @ 10:30 AM
I think you are selling yourself short here somewhat.

I think the concept you are describing is that people need to be in charge...not feel that they are in charge. There is a difference.

I on the other hand, in most of those situations, know that I am being lied to concerning politics including where my tax moneys are going.

What you are describing is a type of Feudalism....not democracy or republicanism...and to the republic for which it stands. Feudalism also is a type of indentured servitude.

The manner in which this is changed is to force the government back to gold and silver and real copper coinage. Something of real value which they cannot just print up on presses. This way they cannot continually finance or print their way into mischief by phoney moneys and there by raise the costs of everything to the rest of us.
This was one of the intents of the Coinage Act of April 2, 1792. It made no provisions for paper moneys. Nor huge lines of credit for the Government.
To keep Government reasonably honest you must keep them broke. You should know this.

As to war and threats ..this will come from many sources whether you have one type of Government or another as they found out in the War of 1812 when the country was still very young and broke. Same thing with the Civil War.

The scenerio you are describing is historically called "Mischief" on the part of government. Keeping them broke and without lines of credit is how you stop it. The purpose of the Federal Reserve System is to keep the government in a never ending, available, line of credit by which they can outspend us and control us in all marketplaces. We are the economic competition for the Government. The major question is who and why is someone financing the Government.
To keep this system going the Government must lie to you concernng just about everything they do. They also finance public education so as to preserve the lie and keep you functioning in the system. They do not like people who can think or function outside of the system. I mean this no matter what party is in office...they are both alike in this.


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