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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:08 AM
Meditation opens a part of our mind that is defunct. Most of us are unaware of the fourth dimension, both psychically and scientifically. As humans, we can only see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Insects can see ultraviolet light. Certain animals can sense many things that a human cannot. Just because someone cannot see or hear something, that does not mean it doesn't exist, as with ultraviolet light, X-rays, gamma rays and other forms of energy.

Bioelectricity is also known as the life force, the chi, the body electric, prana, the aura, the spirit, witch power, etc. There are many different names for this energy.
Our bodies run on bioelectricity. Thoughts are electrical impulses in the brain. The brain runs on bioelectricity. When this electricity becomes imbalanced, one has seizures. The amount of bioelectricity an individual has, determines the degree of their physical, psychological and spiritual health. People, who are ill or depressed, have lesser amounts of bioelectricity. Depression all by itself, is a symptom of too little bioelectricity. Bioelectricity increases our energy, our immunity to disease, our charisma, instills a positive outlook, and strengthens our thought power. With increased bioelectricity, our thoughts (electrical impulses) become stronger and are more able to manifest themselves in reality. Below is a simple Meditation.

Your body consists of seven main chakras, these are simply energy points located at the base of your spine, between your navel and pubic bone, just below your solar plexus, the center of your chest, your throat, just above and between your eyes and at the top of your head. Each is different and is used to control a different type of energy from the others, to advance any further than simple meditation it is important to make sure each is open and functioning.

First focus on the chakra at the base of your spine, visualise it as red and spinning. Feel its energy increase, this chakra is for stability and grounding. Now move up to the second chakra, its colour is orange and it is the sexual chakra.
The third chakra is yellow, it is to do with will power and manipulation. Concentrate on it like the others and see it spinning.
The fourth is green and controls your emotions - people that are closed off from their emotions will find this one harder to pass energy through.
The throat chakra is used in communication and is blue.
The ’third eye’ chakra is a violet blue and controls intuition and is used to percieve.
The crown chakra is also violet and is your enlightenment chakra.

Start at the base and pass energy up and out your crown - you should visualise the energy changing color at each stop.

Now to cleanse - whilst in a trance visualise bright white energy (white energy is made from all the others and therefore balances the chakras) coming from all your chakras, do this for a few minutes and then pass the energy up and out from your crown and come out of the trance. (should probably be done each day).

Practice attempting these for a while - the better control you have over your chakras the better the next meditations will work. (because people seem to relate this to dragon ball a lot - think of it like this; the more energy you can pass through your chakras the higher power level you will have and the more effective you will be with this energy - personally i don’t like the analogy but it may help you understand).

If this is your first meditation, take it easy - you are toying with your bodies bioelectricity and your body will not be used to this.
If you are epileptic or have some related illness then take it easy.

Tell me what you thought
And if you did the meditation how did it feel.


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posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 09:15 AM
Thank you for sharing the path to the rainbow bridge!

The rainbow is the throne of God. He let me approach it a couple of years back. It was awesome! Then I knew how we were made in the likeness of His image!!!

God bless and keep you!

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 05:17 PM
To be honest i thought i should meditate, I think phophesty can come throw it. Was't share in the end if it was a wast of time.

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 05:45 PM
Great info mate, I appreciate that!

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 11:08 PM
Biblically, meditation means to dwell on what God has said(the Bible) and what He is like. Know the Bible backwards and forwards so that during your day the Holy Spirit will bring verses to your mind to ponder on. This is also a way to learn to talk with God.

An example in my life. About 3 years ago, one day it began, this thought. Why were there no little kids on Noah's ark? This went on for several months. I knew there had to be an explanation. If a 3 year old child were to die in 2006 that child would be forever with God. The Bible tells us that God is the same yesterday and today. So the burning question. Why no kids on Noah's ark?

Then one day I was thinking that question at work, and this answer came back. Maybe there were no kids to save.(I believe this answer was from God) So then we need to know the Bible to understand God's answer to me. Fallen angels in the Genesis 6 time period came to earth and took the women, the Bible tells us all the women, and began siring children with them, meaning human babies were not being born, only the half human, half angel, giants were being born. This was going on for at least 120 years. So why no little kids on the ark? There weren't any around to take on the ark.

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