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Viva la...

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posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 12:29 PM

Most of us feel, we know intuitively that something is going very, very wrong with what we call our political and religious leaders, sometimes even with science, the media, the "Illuminates", "the Elite", the "System".

That we are being lied to, that we have been lied to since our birth, that maybe even our parents picked up these lies and taught us to believe them as they once did.

Things should seriously change. But we feel helpless and alone, and so the world keeps turning, evolving, it still seems to be the best place one could think or dream of. I tend to believe that even our governments would like to make a few changes, because if they would, they'd gain a little respect instead of mistrust and hate. But they just hide behind weak excuses, the world's just the way it is, we cant't abolish war, disinfo, secrecy, famine, illness, pestilence.

Nothing's ever gonna change.

So we just sit there, put our hands in our laps and keep discussing about all that is (or seems to be) going wrong instead of concentrating on what we need to do right here, right NOW, urgently. Even if there were someone who'd tell us exactly how and what to change about EVERYTHING we have always been unhappy with, chances are that one half would follow him and the other one would try to warn about his "extreme", "damagogic" speeches.

So either we like this place more than we would admit (including climate change, impending nuclear world war and all other horrors we are constantly confronted with) and we just have to keep complaining to reassure us subconsiously things aren't THAT bad after all - or we are afraid of the consequences of such a peaceful revolution, system change, matrix reload, whatever you may call it.

Because we do not know what would replace this System. What should a "better" system look like? Views differ too much, and where's the "minimal consensus" of 6.5 Billion Humans? We fear what could come next, because every revolution, every civil war in human history until now only proved that things would only get worse. As Orwell explains: the middle class instrumentalizes the lower class to overthrow the upper class. Lower class remains lower class (if not killed for a "higher cause" they believed in), upper class becomes middle class, and a few middle-classers start to run the business.

The last battle of such a revolution would be fought in the web. It would not be a battle with soldiers, firearms, bombs and tanks, but a battle of opinions, truths and lies, with "weapons of our minds", as pacifist Einstein once said (or with "memes", as one would say these days). The internet will one day be the interface for all human communication, our memory, our brain (Gaias brain), as we enter "cosmic adulthood".

At the same time, this would have to be a grassroot revolution. I'm 25 years old now. One day in future, I might have children, I'd have to be a father. I'd have to teach them what I learned, teach them love and simultanously how to survive in this cruel and beautiful world - and how to be prepared for what is waiting for them outside. And I'd have to teach them how to cope with all of this, how to beat the system.

Until then, I'd like to have some of the work already done.

You with me? And if so: I'm a n00b. Which ATS forum is best fit for an in-depth discussion about what essentially we have to do about our planet's sickness (now that we know WHAT went wrong for the past 10 millennia or so)?

Hoping, praying and meditation can't be all.



posted on Aug, 7 2006 @ 10:54 PM
Hey this is incredible, I tell you what, if you post more of this in Social Issues on PTS you will find a home very fast, this is very thoughout and smart, it is what PTS is looking for.

But before you go post this there, you might want to u2u an Moderator and ask them to move it and also, I will get the FSME to contact you of the forum. Good Job

you will do great here, you already are

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