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George Knapp: New Mexico Bases and Cattle Mutilations

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posted on Aug, 6 2006 @ 02:18 PM
Hello George. I have also a few questions about various UFO/Secret Bases in New Mexico.

1. First off, have you ever found any eveidence that a secret base at Dulce, New Mexico, exists?

2. Have you ever investigated cattle mutilations? What was your own opinion about that?

3. What is your take about the whole fiasco involving Paul Bennewitz, Richard Doty, and William Moore?

Again, thank you very much. You are definitely the most interesting and respected guest speaker we have had in a long time!

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 02:59 AM
The story about an underground base at Dulce has been floating around for a long time, but I've never seen any credible, verifiable evidence regarding the existence of a subterranean base jointly operated by ETs and the U.S. military.

That said, there's a lot of weird stuff that occurs in that area. During the years that NIDS was studying the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, my co-author Dr. Colm Kelleher spent many weeks in and around Dulce, trying to figure out if there might be a connection between the two locations in light of the apparent similarities of reported "paranormal" events. Colm was able to gain the trust of the Apache tribe that has lived in the area for centuries. The stories they told were remarkably similar to events that had occurred at the Utah ranch. (Our book provides a detailed account of this.) The Apaches reported dramatic UFO-type events dating back many generations, along with Sasquatch encounters, animal mutilations, poltergeist-like events, and a host of other very strange stuff. Colm beliees the tribal elders were being truthful and that there was---and is--an unexplained presence in the area. The Apaches did not lend any support to the idea of an underground military facility, and they know the region better than anyone.

As for animal mutilations, yes, I've investigated this for a lot of years. Linda Howe introduced me to the subject back in 1990. Since then, I have personally visited mutilation sites in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, etc. One of the most dramatic cases occurred right here in Las Vegas at a small ranch on the edge of town. I was on site just a few hours after the carcass was found. Very strange. I still don't know what to make of it. My interviews with ranchers and lawmen have convinced me that many of the mutilations were carried out by skillful surgeons and are not the work of predators or cults. The hard physical evidence flatly contradicts these flimsy explanations. The UFO connection is not as well documented. My personal belief is that there are two distinct sources for the mutes. One of the groups responsible is an unknown intelligence---for lack of a better term, call them aliens. The other group is very human. In some cases, the human operatives seem to be shadowing the activities of the first group. They might be conducting their own mutilations as a way to cloud the issue about the existence of the first group. They also might be taking advantage of the situation, carrying out their own environmental monitoring program and purposely pointing a finger of guilt at "aliens" in the belief that such a story will never be taken seriously by the mainstream media or government officials. There are some provocative theories that unknown government or corporate entities are tracking the contamination of our food supply. For example, if the mad cow situation is much worse than we have been led to believe---a scenario which I find to be more than possible---someone might use the UFO connection as a convenient cover story for carrying out their own grisly operations. (There were several mutilation incidents on the Utah ranch that are very difficult to explain in any conventional sense.) I recommend that anyone with an interest in this topic check out Colm Kelleher's first book "Brain Trust" which traces the creation and spread of Mad Cow. It's a very disturbing read, one that just might change your eating habits.

What's my take on the Bennewitz affair and the roles played by Doty and Moore? I'm not an expert by any means and have no inside knowledge. It's a tragedy on many levels. While it is tempting---and understandable--to condemn everyone involved, I think Doty was carrying out orders in the belief that this was a legitimate national security concern. UFO honchos have pummeled Bill Moore for his admitted role as an observer to the whole thing, but I'm not one of them. Moore was in a unique position to find out a great deal about how the military operates in the UFO arena. He confirmed that disinformation programs are very real and he probably hoped that his position might lead to further, otherwise unobtainable insights. I think he succeeded, to a degree, and suspect that there's a lot more he could tell us about the inner workings of the coverup and disinfo efforts. However, after being publicly pilloried, he left the field altogether. I can't blame him. Had I been in the same spot with a chance to learn first hand how things work, I might have made the same decision. I can't really say for sure.

posted on Aug, 10 2006 @ 01:46 PM
I am in total agreement with you on all of the above issues. It helps to know my own opinions and theories have support from people in the know.

I am especially in agreement regarding Bill Moore. But it was pretty tragic, however, very insightful.

Dulce is an enigma as ever.


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