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C-Span (9-11 Truth Conference) watch it

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 11:26 AM
I was watching C-Span Saturday and a convention was on. It was a
9-11 Search for the Truth conference ( not exact name). I am all about searching for the truth, but the conference seemed to be a place for people to plug their websites, campaigns, movies, books, etc. I don't know if anything is truely being done or accomplished in these groups. Planned rallies in D.C. should be talked about or even in New York. I think the kid that did the "Loose Change" movie is going to do one in N.Y. at ground zero. Thats what he said in the convention.

Bob Bowman seems to be a rising star, I hope. His bio was pretty impressive and I hope he can win a seat. For Bowman to show up for this conference shows he seems to be serious about finding the truth about 9-11. The conference is one of those places that could ruin a persons political future. People will call him a nut, but its going to be hard with his past service to this country. If I lived in Florida or where ever Bob is at, he would have my vote. We need more like him, I just hope he backs his talk.

Alex Jones seems to be an ok guy. He reminds me of a Rush Limbaugh, except for I like what Alex Jones has to say.
I hope he can take these conferences around the Nation. I think it would be a blast to attend. Some of the stuff they say is a little scary, but i think they are not far off about the truth or whats going to happen.

?If anyone knows the dates of these conferences around the U.S. let me know if they are taking it on the road? I am from Arkansas and would like to be a part of a 9-11 Truth group, so if anyone knows any information on these groups? Thanks.

I also think C-Span was brave just to show this conference. Usually, no one in the media will talk about it or report it. So thanks to C-Span for the good show.

There was also a guy up on stage that was a little emotional. An older guy, white hair, with white side burns. This is important, but he needs to cut back on the emotions a little. It is an emotional subject, but he needs to be calm and professional about it. I think he was a professor of a college.

People need to watch C-Span for this conference about the 9-11 Search for the Truth, it was excellent.
Finally, V for Vendetta comes out Tuesday, August 1st. Buy it. Excellent movie or rent it.

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posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 01:22 PM
You can download it here:

search for 'CSPAN'


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