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Full extent of NWO power and reach??

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posted on Jul, 27 2006 @ 08:10 PM
Hi all

I am in the process of developing a theory regarding the NWO and the possible dystopia we all see being discussed on this board.
Items such as working with aliens, to manipulating the history of man, and so on.
Its been floating around my head for a while and i thought i'd better write it down.

BTW when I say NWO i use it as a generic term for, well a new world order, in which our current standard of living and lifestyle is radically altered - generally for the worse.

I am now focusing on current events (on a full global scale) relate to our future.

What I am trying to do at the moment is putting to a full map with exactly what is going on, in terms of the different regions (south america with the whole venezuala/cuba/russia thing) to china & india (both growing economic powers) and through from australia to europe and africa and how it all ties together - if at all.

We all guess/assume/know/deny (delete where approriate) where that the NWO has basically run western society (economy, politics, media) for a while now, from a basic starting point (depending on your favoured theory from ancient sumeria through through the baverian illuminati to the bushes - and sure we'll throw the reptoids into the mix as well...)

So my question :

How much overall influence does the NWO have with other countries? For example, how much are the likes of china, venezuala, india, uganda, iran, syria, kenya, greece, hungary, nigeria - basically every single government, council, relilgious group, organisation etc on the planet - adhering to the overall plan?
Does china/greece/albania/iran have a seat on the nwo high council?

Or is it an global poker /chess game for real as we see it on the tv? with real life multiple factions, all making various bids for power and dominance - e.g. iran making a move to see how usa will react. Isreal making a move to see how iran will react and so on.

For this, i guess that we need to draw the line somewhere.
I propose to suggest that we restrict this to legal and economic reason.

Does the overall nwo plan include such factors as:

> Do we have different laws and religious beleifs to see which one suits us best? 'Lets try national cards over here, and legal drugs here, and - oh over here we'll have no law'. Could these be part of a large scale human experiment?

> We all guess/assume/know/deny (delete where approriate) that tv is used to dumb down people (esp when they show the same show and format by just tweak it slightly so that you don't realise). Ditto for the alleged contrails in the air and flouride in the water. What about all the other chemicals we use on a daily basis - from personal hygiene to kitchen and bathroom chemicals. Were these invented to assist in the mass control of society? Inocuous on their own but when mixed - aha thats a different story. There was a recent example of certain soft drinks in england when mixed could cause the cancer-forming-agent bezene. Just an example that we know of...

> Chinas & indias current economic success in order to weaken usa, and europe economies - with jobs being lost to these countries - resulting in recessions and other form of financial hardships?

> Venezuala and nigeria - trouble with and within (respectively) these countries is causing the oil price to shoot way up - along with the current middle east conflict

> Isreal/Hezbollah/Iran - the old triangle of trouble is rearing its head again - how much of these countries (inc iran) actions and rhetoric (iran calls for isreal to be wiped of the map & hezbollan kidnap 2 soldiers & isreal attack lebanon and call up the reserves) are compliant with the nwo

I am not looking for answers to the above - these are just these few examples to mull over while considering how deep the claws of the nwo run

Hope this is all clear to ye

posted on Jul, 28 2006 @ 02:04 AM
Since the NWO works mostly through private corporations, you'll may find the nwo wherever you find corporations.

If they can buy it, they can control it.

Not sure about the high council stuff, that would mean they meet as an organized group, which I doubt.

posted on Jul, 31 2006 @ 07:43 AM
Thanks for that.

Taht was kinda what I guessed - at least the 'public' face of it.

What I am wondering about is the high council for want of a better term.

It is suspected that the likes of the Bilderburg group etc meet up on a regular basis in secrecy. We know partial lists of the attendees, but not the agendas.

Have there ever been for example, Brazilian/Ghanan/Thai (and other non-g8 countries) delegates at these events?

I would personally guess that any major decisions to be made (such as 'where do we direct the publics attention now with a war?') would be made at meetings such as these.

I'll give you one possible theory I am working on as an example:
Uganda was a British controlled colonly until 1962. What if from a NWO perspective the conversation went somethign like this:
UK : Right, Uganda, you are free now. But there are certain conditions.
Uganda : Ok - like what?
UK : You must install whoever we dictate as a leader, no questions asked.
You must engage in various laws and clampdowns when we see fit.
You can have as much money for yourself and treat your people as you see fit, so long as you deal with us. We won't get the UN involved in any human rights infringements, unless.
Uganda : Ok - sounds good for me and my cronies to be in power. Where do I sign?

Over time, the UK then calls up Uganda at various times and tells them to hog the limelight for a few weeks to get public pressure of the govts backs.

This scenario could potentially work for most countries. Give them their 'freedom' in return for private loyalty.

How likely would this scenario be?


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