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New Radar is Undetectable, Inventor Claims

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posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 12:50 AM
"The radar uses a very low-intensity signal across a wide range of frequencies, so a TV or radio tuned to any one frequency would interpret the radar signal as a very weak form of static"

"The new radar can be tuned to penetrate solid walls, just as a TV signal does. The military could use it to spot enemy soldiers inside a building, or police could catch speeding drivers without setting off their radar detectors";_ylt=Aovh71EjM1K5o33sSGyqdU3637YB;_ylu=X3o'___'A5aHJvMDdwBHN lYwN5bmNhdA--
If this technology is real…I hope it doesn’t get misused. That’s wishful thinking!

posted on Jun, 29 2006 @ 10:58 AM
These guys are in for a sad surprise.

This is old hat.

There's systems in the field NOW that use this. We design with it for a communication a "radio" it has a lot of the same benefits that it does as a radar. Among the non-classified ones: non-observability, high SNR, you can't jam it. As a comm channel, it inherently gives me the position of the transmitter through some mathematical tricks, which is a handy trick, seeing that you can deploy an array of little comm units and make a multistatic radar out of them with a low-power DSP.

As a radar, the spectral dispersion gives you great resolution. Since it's non-observable, you can emit actively and not be intercepted. Missile radars using this technology do not trip detectors on the targets. There are a handful of reasons to use it that are classified too.

The patents for this stuff are all held by GE, Raytheon, LLL and Time Domain, although not all of them are available to civilians on a patent search.

Heck, we did some work with the AF on a contract three years ago as a second tier where they were testing the effects of high powered UWB fighter craft emissions on ground crew. It's in "some" aircraft now, although it will be moving into the field heavily over the next ten years.

You've seen it in the news and just didn't know what it was, all this VisiBuilding stuff from did you think it was going to work?

As a start, go google "sneaky wave", we've been designing with it here for years. We get our parts from Lawrence-Livermore or Time Domain. You should hit them too, The website doesn't tell you a fraction of the truth, because maybe 85% of TD's business is "TS/SCI". But there's some interesting background info there.

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