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OP/ED The Liquidation of Fictional Character (Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi)

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posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 03:29 PM
Here it is as promissed. The continuance of this June Scary movie.

It is no coincidence that Americans in that June day in the Sunni safehouse eliminated “The Commander of Al-Qaeda in Iraq” which is one of the greatest product of fiction in this so called War on Terror. Everything about him is fishy. Let’s begin:
- Version no.1 – he was dead instantly
- Version no.2 – he was only wounded and died later
- Version no.3 – Americans “beat him up” before he died
- Version no.4 – They took him away and killed him (with mercy shot, heh)
- Version no.5 – local populace put him in an ambulance and took him away before Americans came
- Version no.6 – he blew himself up in Mosul.

Huh! We have more versions of Al-Zarkawi assasination than on JFK. Let's move forward:
- he was betrayed by locals for 25-mio reward
- he was so pigheaded that Al-Qaeda sacrified him, so he wouldn't bring more divisin in the organization and they left the dirtywork to Americans
- he was betrayed by insurgents themselves because he was destroying unity of Iraq and fueling civil war
- he was betrayed by Shia because he was killing Shias who wanted to volounteer to Iraqi Army or Police
- he was an Iranian gift to Americans (funny how Iran-America relations are warming up)

Further more:
- the house was hit by two 500-pound bombs. The house was completely demolished with two women, eight-year old girl and one little Musab
- he stayed in one piece with more of less untouched face.

But that's not all:
- firstly we were informed that operation of American Military was executed quickly in a huge haste or to be more specific the decision came in the last moment without long and complicated planning right before the planes droped those bombs (two F-16 were on the “routine” flight and there were no coallition – err. American unit in the neighbourhood)
- but on the other hand we are informed that Americans could roast Al-Zarqawi ages ago. That they had him in their sights several times but the execution was aborted.

The question at hand is: Why so much tactics before and now such haste? Was he stored in the refrigerator for the right occasion? For bad times? One thing is certain. Now was definitely the right moment to get rid off this Great Evil, The Most Dangerous Terrorist of our Time, slippery, ungrabable, monstrous, diabolical, allmighty, omnipresent Sheikh of Butchers. This was meant to voice over the war crimes in Iraq and Bush PR agony. But this not enough. Bushists wanted to extend this even further. To glorify the Zarkawi himself as the Mother of all Terrorists. To remind us that we are still in the middle of War on Terror. That the enemy never surrenders and that the war crimes are just military operations to win this War on Terror. Or to say better: what constitutes a war crime is in fact just “collateral damage” which is unavoidable. Hey, the enemy is so clever, so fanatical, so phantom that civilian casualties are business as usual. They used Al-Zarkawi to make war crimes relative.
On Al-Jazeera was said that Al-Zarkawi was made by the media and killed by the media. Nir Rosen stated on CNN that Al-Zarkawi is an American creation… you know like Osama Bin Laden. When they didn’t need him they got rid of him. Again others asked who was this Zarkawi? Does he even exists? Wasn’t he killed in 2003? Zarkawi was being killed constantly. He was not the man who could be killed only once. He was not the man who could be killed at all. The commentators that were pointing out that Zarkawi was a media creation are quite correct. He was a prime character in this War on Terror horror story. And a good horror story needs ferocious monster. He was changing faces, shapes, accents, he was without one leg and then it miraculously grew back etc. But what was he famous about, what was his specialty? The beheadings of foreigners and other “infidels” in front of the camera. He needed cameras, stage and bright lights. A born star of “War on Terror – the movie”. A typical media monster , perverse product of globalization, american spectacle. When this character was created it could and was used for everything wrong in Iraq. You know official stories can have holes and that is not very well accepted by spectators.
On the other hand Zarkawi, who started his career as a smalltime jordanian criminal and bully, entered this stage as a fictional character at the beginning. Let's not forget: till 2003 nobody knew who he is/was. He was introduced in february 2003 in a UN Security Council where Collin Powell had his notorious speech about a “mountain of evidence” agains Saddam Hussein and WMD's. Zarkawi was pointed out as a Saddam's link with Al-Qaeda. But this “mountain of evidence” was just a pack of lies, fabrications, over-exaggerations, and fictions. Ergo: Al-Zarkawi was fictional. Fictional as WMD’s and thesis that Saddam is a threat to the whole world. Zarkawi was the “Face of Terror” in Iraq. He was the “evidence” for everithing:
- that Al-Qaeda moved to Iraq
- that war in Iraq is a part of “War on Terror”
- that Iraqi insurgency/resistance is nothing more than terrorism
- and that the “War on Terror” will last forever

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 03:30 PM
OP/ED The Liquidation of Fictional Character (Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi). Part II

Pentagon and its PSYOP division made everything that Zarkawi had enough publicity, good promotion and superb marketing so Americans (and others) could correctly understand his supernatural part, his allmighty and omnipresent character. When he was not looking scary enough they helped him with fabrications of internet letters and statements for the public, edited his videospots, raising his profile etc. And then we saw a famous breefing which stated that Zarkawi PSYOP program was the best informational campaign ever. Haha! Zarkawi was not liquidated! Zarkawi was fired! And in the end he was displayed like gunslingers and bandits in the old Wild West.
Of course bushists immediately announced that Al-Zarkawi death was a severe blow to Al-Qaeda. Which is again an over-exaggeration for multiple reasons:
- Firstly – he was not some brilliant leader and strategist. It was more the other way around. Even worse. Recently we saw how he tries to fire a machinegun and when it “jams” he called his servants to help him.
- Secondly – he was not very popular. I mean, he was killing everybody.
- Thirdly – he was more a hired hand, a solo player and not like a typical Al-Qaeda member (he had a brief and fragile romance with Osama, they had different political philosophies, he never swore allegiance to Osama, he was pathological narcis who wanted to shadow Osama …)
- Fourthly – Al-Qaeda has an organization and hierarchy of a modern corporation. The removed director is quickly replaced.
Oh and of course Al-Qaeda like the insiders like to say is not the only guerilla/terrorist/militia in Iraq and is far from being the most powerfull and influential.
OK let’s finish. Al-Zarkawi was a symbol for all that is wrong in Iraq. A link to Al-Qaeda in Iraq. A proof that Bush was right. An agent who gave coalition free hands in Iraq. Bush and his posse quickly emphasised that the death of Al-Zarkawi was a “turning point”. Sure. Like execution of Saddam’s Sons was a “turning point”. Like apprehension of Saddam was a “turning point”. Like Iraqi Constitution was a “turning point”. Like first and second Iraqi elections was a “turning point”. Like instalment of Iraqi puppet government was a “turning point”. And like Iraq was a “turning point” in a history of freedom and democracy.

[edit on 26-6-2006 by yanchek]

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