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U.S. begins massive war games in Pacific

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posted on Jun, 20 2006 @ 10:56 AM
HAGATNA, Guam (AP) -- Three aircraft carriers filled the skies with fighters as one of the largest U.S. military exercises in decades got underway Tuesday off this island in the western Pacific.

For the first time ever, a Chinese delegation was sent to observe the U.S. war games. But as the show of American military power began, North Korea -- one of the region's most unpredictable countries -- was rattling some swords of its own.

The maneuvers, dubbed "Valiant Shield," bring three carriers together in the Pacific for the first time since the Vietnam War. Some 30 ships, 280 aircraft and 22,000 troops will be participating in the five-day war games, which end Friday.

The exercises are intended to boost the ability of the Navy, Air Force and Marines to work together and respond quickly to potential contingencies in this part of the world, U.S. military officials said. Even U.S. Coast Guard vessels were joining in the maneuvers.

Wow, all this and a possible North Korean missile launch.

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posted on Jun, 21 2006 @ 04:27 PM
They are really trying to intimidate North Korean.
Especially with the Chinese on board.

posted on Jun, 22 2006 @ 07:05 AM
I was in the US Army in the 1980s and was stationed in Japan for 3 years.

There have always been war games in the pacific theatre. We have always
had big ones in and with Korea. The only thing about this set of war games
is that China is invited. That's the only real 'news' on this.

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