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Just accept the mystery..Please?...

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posted on Jun, 19 2006 @ 03:59 PM
"Why do women like men's boobs?"

"What's up with women's hairy lips?"

"Why do I think your butt is weird?"

If all of the questions about men's and women's likes and dislikes recently asked in threads here were answered; life would become drab indeed.

Its supposed to be a mystery.

Sometimes its a mystery to me why I'm still with my wife of 25 yrs. Hunh,....Maybe not, I find myself looking forward to the next 25. Neither one of us has the physical attributes we possessed as relative children; fumbling around and discovering the best way to accomplish our goals.

Neither one of us was ever in danger of appearing on the cover of a fashion or glamour magazine. The attraction happened at a level that cannot be quantified.

Just don't worry about it. I think blind persons have an advantage when meeting people. They are incapable of pre-judging based on appearance.


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