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Islamic Courts Union Seize Final Warlords Stronghold; Foreign Troops To Enter Somalia

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 03:00 PM
After attacking from two directions, the Islamic Courts Union has seized the Town of Jowhar, which lies 90km north of Mogadishu. This last stronghold of the warlords is now under the authority of the ICU, giving them control of much of Southern Somalia. However, the parliament of the transitional interim government has approved the deployment of foreign peacekeepers into the country, a move which has upset the Islamic Courts Union. The US will form a Somalia contact group in New York, drawing much criticism from Kenya and the Arab League upon discovering invitations to the meeting were limited to Britain, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Tanzania and representatives from the European Union.
Somali Islamic fighters have captured the town of Jowhar from warlords a week after driving them from the capital, Mogadishu, 90km to the south.

The transitional government is too weak to base itself in the capital and talks with the Union of Islamic Courts have faltered over the issue of foreign troops. Islamist leaders say they are opposed to foreign troops entering Mogadishu, where they say the Islamist militia has already restored order.

The US says it will form a Somalia Contact Group in New York on Thursday to discuss the situation there. But the Arab League and Kenya have criticised the US for restricting invitations to the meeting to Britain, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Tanzania and representatives from the European Union. The United Nations and African Union have also been invited to observe.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I find it odd that the interim government decides to bring in foreign peacekeepers now when a single entity has begun to stabilize the southern portion of the country, and yet when the various warlords rejected the proposal the interim government left it alone. I do not believe now is the time to bring any foreign troops into the country and doing so will only cause more instability. Also note that the interim government is requesting the UN arms embargo in Somalia be lifted in order for the foreign troops to be allowed to enter.

As far as the US not inviting Kenya or the Arab league to their meeting on the issue of the current events arising in Somalia, while it may seem a bit rude they have invited the United Nations and the African Union to observe as well. It would be in the best interest of criticizing governments to send their representatives to the UN to go and observe the meeting.

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posted on Jun, 15 2006 @ 04:05 PM
Does anyone have any thoughts on what actions the Islamic Courts Union will take if foreign peacekeepers begin to compromise the cities? I believe if the African Union does send its troops, they should consider sending a mostly Muslim coalition to help reassure the ICU of peaceful intentions. Reports indicate the cities have been mostly stabalized, I think this group deserves alot of credit for that.

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