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Evolution without God is Dead; God with Evolution is Palatable

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posted on Jun, 13 2006 @ 05:30 PM
There are at least seven things I believe in:

1) God, always with Infinite Power, created the Universe.
2) Jesus Christ is His Son, always has been, always, will be.
3) The Holy Spirit is Infinite and part of the Holy Trinity.
4) The Holy Bible is God's Word.
5) God is Infinitely more Powerful than evolution and evolution is partly accurate.
6) Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, always.
7) Love your neighbor, always.

I ask you to list seven things that you believe in and relate them to God and/or evolution.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 10:54 AM
I believe in evolution
I believe that evolution created the vast diversity of the biological world
I believe that natural selection is how evolution works
I believe the bible is created by men over time.
I do NOT believe any deity (spelling?) is controlling evolution (Orthogenesis)
I do NOT believe in a creator.
I do NOT love god.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 12:57 PM

Originally posted by GreatTech
I ask you to list seven things that you believe in and relate them to God and/or evolution.

Be careful what you ask for.

1. The term "God" is often misunderstood to mean two different yet related concepts:

A. The Light Of The God Force (which many Near Death Experiencers report seeing "at the end of the tunnel"), which is nonliving, infinite and governed by Universal Law which cannot be changed one iota. The more spiritually advanced the soul, the greater its ability to ascend/expand in The Light when free of matter and the more powerful it becomes telekinetically. When a soul can individually create matter at will when in The Light, it is God Realized.

B. The Original Creator who was a rarefied God Realized Master who utilized The Light to a very high degree in order to manifest The Big Bang, and who then divided up completely into basically spiritual souls or "angels." All souls in this timeline are what is left of The Original Creator; this is why traditional ministers have often said that "a piece of God is in all of us." We are all "fractals of light" of The Original Creator.

2. Jesus/Issa was an angel prophet, not one with The Original Creator (who has yet to come) and not a God Realized Master. That is why he has been morally and compassion-challenged in not stopping many priests, ministers and nuns - who preach in his name no less - from sexually abusing thousands of innocent children around the world. It is the reason why he has failed to come back from the dead in recent times (with the original story of his physical return being highly questionable) and it is the reason why the miracles of healing and the creation of matter on a small-scale that is attributed to Jesus/Issa have been duplicated by other prophets, even subangel pedophile prophets like Sai Baba of India.

Then there are other indications that Jesus/Issa was an angel prophet with many Gifts of the Spirit from a large Group Entity, not a god or one with The Original Creator:

Jesus/Issa Escaped Crucifixion & Lived In India (German Scholar)

Jesus/Issa Escaped Crucifixion & Went To India (Islamic Scholar)

Jesus/Issa/Jus Asaf (the latter of which means Leader of the Healed) survived the crucifixion, went to India, and shortly before dying AT THE AGE OF EIGHTY declared that he was the Galilean Messiah - material taken from a BBC documentary.

3. The Universe is not infinite, just extremely large. Recent scientific discoveries point to that fact. In light of this, it stands to reason that The Original Creator was not infinite, omnipotent or omniscient - just very highly evolved. All spiritual growth constitutes a matter of degree and no soul can ever become infinite in spirituality

4. The vision and genius of The Original Creator was to have a Universe that is teeming with humanoid life and with many variations. It was realized that eventually there would be certain angels that would evolve into Saints and that a small number of Saints would eventually evolve into the beginning stages of God Realization - what Solists refer to as Magi. Once those people transition into The Light, the time barrier will be broken. Once that occurs, it will be possible to seek out The Original Creator in an alternate timeline to this one - billions of years ago - and invite Him/Her into this space-time continuum, fulfilling The Original Creator's plan from the beginning and resulting in The First Coming. Since The First Coming of The Original Creator has yet to occur, that means that all the world's religions were not orchestrated by that rarefied being, but by lesser spirits in collectives, referred to as Group Entities.

5. The Annunaki (which were likely Zetan-Reptilian), first visited this world hundreds of thosuands of years ago. They found it more economical to use slaves than their robots to mine for gold. Consequently, they mixed their DNA with the already evolving primates in order to come up with Homo sapiens. The first Homo sapeins could not reproduce; with continued genetic experimentation, they eventually overcame that problem. All except the direct Reptilian connection is confirmed by the archeological findings of Zecharia Sitchin. According to Bob Lazar who worked for the government and has seen briefing documents about extraterrestrials, the Zetans changed the DNA of humans at least 65 times.

6. The Zetan-aliens are not our spiritual masters
Rather, their self-serving agenda and mistreatment of people here points to them being spiritually retarded.

7. The way to defeat The Zetan Empire is by evolving into Co-Creators so that when we leave the flesh we will be powerful enough (probably with The Original Creator's assistance) to end their abduction abuse and subtle subjugation. The best way to do this is to emulate the approach that The Original Creator used for advanced spiritual development. That innovative approach has come to be known as Heart Chakra Radiance.

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posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 01:19 PM
I believe God was simply created by man as a platform for evolution. Just in the same way a stick was used as a tool a few thousand years before. The idea that a being, our creator, is looking over us baffles me. Whether it be through fear, ignorance, stupidity, love, culture, or fear of the unknown, I respect the fact that some people need something to believe in.

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 04:24 PM
1) Big bang. We know it happened, just not how. The big bang theory deals with HOW it happened, not if.

2) Evolution. We know evolution occurs. The Theory of Evolution deals with HOW it happens, not if.

3) There is no god. God is a human creation. There have been hundreds if not thousands of different dieties worshipped throughout human history, all proclaiming to be the 'one true religion' and all it's follower's validating that statement with 'personal proof'. The diety you worship today is a reletivly recent diety compared to older religous beliefs. The story borrows heavily from older belief systems that were pre-established in that region of where your current belief system come's from. Such borrowing and meshing of two different belief systems was common back then just as it is today with the newer belief systems we see cropping up.

4) People are too arrogant to just admit they don't know. People would rather claim to 'know the truth' and would violently defend such claims no matter how wrong they are. We see this especially with religious beliefs throughout history and in todays modern world. The violence that stems from such arrogance is a direct contradiction with the 'lifestyle' that most religion's wish it's followers to follow.

5) People care about nothing but themselve's. We have this whole planet to share and what do we see? Not a single god damn person getting along. I'm guilty of it too. I admit to that. I can't get along with religous people at all. Why? Because religous people have this inate idiocy to 'convert' every damn person on this planet. Let's stop and think about this for a second. Rather then waging holy wars or whining like little twits about gay people or using our bible to promote racism (thankfully this practice is dying down these days) and worrying about what people believe in ... Wouldn't it make so much more sense to just let people be and believe what the hell they want and to cut the force feeding BS? There are more important thing's to worry about.

6) Every one is just as important as everyone else. Doesn't matter if your gay, straight, black, white, hispanic, oriental or yellow with green poka dots. No one is smarter then anyone else or more important or holds more value. People who'd like to claim otherwise are arrogant little greedy twits. I used to have a self defeatist attitude, my boss kinda helped change that around abit for me. My car broke down and I was upset about it, didn't have the money to fix it, didn't know wtf to do myself and didn't have the money to get it fixed. He said to me fix it yourself. I gave every excuse I could think of as to why that was a really bad idea. He told me that everything he can do now wasn't because people taught him, it was because he jumped in and did it himself. He figured if a man built that car, then a man can fix it. No one is smarter or better then anyone else. Well, we didn't figure out what was wrong, but we got it running long enough to get it to the garage lol.

7) People are unwilling to learn these days. It's a chore. Or rather, they like learning about the wrong thing's. There's alot of thing's that are just common sense thing's. But common sense seems to be 'out of style' latley. We have people learning about the latest 'NWO takeover' instead of something usefull like growing your own food. Or about psychic powers instead of looking into these claims and seeing the people for who they are, frauds. There are too many ignorant people on this planet, and yes, there's alot of them here on good 'ol ATS. The universe is very simplistic, it's not some complex, magical, mystical realm straight out of a thriller or fantasy or sci-fi novel. Two ways to learn, the gullible way and the common sense way. One involve's beleiving just about anything anyone says, the other way involves a more active role in learning. Guess which way the majority of this planet learns.

posted on Jun, 17 2006 @ 10:00 AM
"Knowing a little bit of science will make u an atheist but knowing deeply of science will make u closer to God..."

posted on Aug, 16 2006 @ 01:40 PM
Paul, I found your post to be most interesting- pretty cool to fuse together near death experiences with alien encounters- I hope to read other of your posts soon.

ok, here's my seven

1. we are eternal beings
2. humans are fruitarian by design
3. the end times will soon be upon us
4. we are all a part of God
5. life is a test

er, that's it!

posted on Aug, 17 2006 @ 01:52 PM

Originally posted by hingus
"Knowing a little bit of science will make u an atheist but knowing deeply of science will make u closer to God..."

rable rable rable....

If you just know a bit of science, you are as far away from god as you can.

Neither the christian god nor the church supports science, its in the bible, we see churches condemning science still..

posted on Aug, 21 2006 @ 01:32 PM

Originally posted by Prot0n

There is no god. God is a human creation.

People are too arrogant to just admit they don't know.

You're too arrogant to admit you just don't know apparently...

posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 06:15 PM

Originally posted by Jugg

Originally posted by hingus
"Knowing a little bit of science will make u an atheist but knowing deeply of science will make u closer to God..."

rable rable rable....

If you just know a bit of science, you are as far away from god as you can.

Neither the christian god nor the church supports science, its in the bible, we see churches condemning science still..

Um, could you point me out to a verse in the bible in which they condem science?

Most of you guys are just plain ignorant about what you are talking about.

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