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Why is something evil always lurking right next to me?

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posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 12:01 AM
Okay first I must tell you the story which it all started from enduring this painfull grasp the unkown will do to me as I write this.

5:55 AM in the morning, 2003, day before thanks giving. I woke up, looked at my clock, saw the time and just sat there on my bed waiting till 6:00 is when I get ready for my day. My door was cracked open just a little bit. I will never forget what is about to happen to me.

A black orb with a purple tail like a comet came through that crack and I couldnt move. I was so scared, probably the most fear a human can have. At first I thought it was an alien, but then I said it wasnt. It moved around the room in a way, so evil. It had this shocking noise like very loud lightning. It moved in only 4 directions plus up and down. Basic directions kindov like on a plus pad. It was so scary the way it moved.

After it moved for awhile it smashed striaght where my heart would be. I felt like something was controlling me. It wasnt me doing that. I said, "AGH!" Really loud but it echoed. Everything was in slow motion. But then it came out behind me, like it had no power to control me. Maybe because the cross I got from my very first communion was sitting exactly right behind where my heard was. It seemed like it was mad. Then it flew around the room a bit and slammed into my red picture on the wall. The picture fell down but it havent moved at all. Like there were two of them. One was fixed and the other one you can see through it like it was transparent. And it sounded like a sonic boom. Then everything was back to normal. I looked at the clock and saw 5:55 but then it changed to 5:58 in an instant. That was so scary, I was more afraid then probably any one has been ever before. You wouldnt like to be that afraid.

Then all of a sudden after that happened, it seemed like evil spirits were with me everyday and everynight. I constantly feel a presence in the room. Something is always flashing past my eyes but I couldnt see what it was. I get really hot, then really cold in like an instand. I always feel a puff of air flowing at me when I watch TV. I am haunted for ever.

I sometimes feel electric shocks on my back and arm. They stay there for hours. And one day, I was trying to sleep, a tap on the wall sounded and I felt those shocks again. Something I cant see wants to hurt me. It grabs me sometimes.

And now I get this extream fear. It just happens out of nowhere. You wouldnt want any of this to happen to you. Dont ever let this happen to you, if you can dont. This is horrible, so evil. How could this happen to anyone? Now for why I feel pain as I write this. I feel this pain all over my body when I type or talk about my experiance.

I want this to stop, I hate it, please go away, just go.

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