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Meaning of 666

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posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 07:49 PM
Some people say June 6, 2006 is 06.06.06 i.e 666 in the Book of Revelations.


Brand New Theory:

Hot off the Press:

This 666 is date of birth of Paul. Born 6th of the 6th month of the year 6. Stop.

He persecuted Christians. Stop.

He altered the teachings of Jesus Christ after the Crucifixion. Stop.

He was a Jewish man who went to Roman and became a citizen. Stop.

His real name was Saul. Changed to Paul to infiltrate Christians. Stop.

He made journeys to Rome, Syria, Turkey, Greece, everywhere, to hunt down Sara, daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalane. Stop.

That all for now. Stop.

More later. Stop.

[edit on 4-6-2006 by mr conspiracy]


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