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A fun day

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 09:41 PM
Today the girl and I took out the big 3 diesels for test drives. We started off at the Ford garage and we took a 250 supercab powerstroke Lariat. This truck was huge inside, fully loaded as you would expect with a Lariat and it even has a built in trailer brake. A very handy option the other 2 don't have.

Next, off to Derek Dodge for a rip in a big red 2500 Ram with the Cummings diesel.
All and all its more of a sport then the Ford, functional and kinda plain inside but the inline-6 is smooth runing but with only a 4speed auto, shifts are heavy.

Finally off to the GMC dealer. This truck was really something else. By far, the nicest interrior. 10 to 1 in options over the Dodge and about 8 to 1 over the Ford. The seats in that GMC were exceptionally comfortable and the Onstar is right off the bridge of the Enterprise. You just talk at it and tell it things for me a room at wherever, order me a pizzza with this and that on uncle Joe ect. It was by a long shot the best of the bunch in terms of options, quality, finish, ride, handeling and espically accelleration with a 6 speed Allison automatic. The GMC laid rubber from a dead stop right up to 90kph. Thats when I let off but Im sure that it would have continued to spin. I had the salesmans permission! As a matter of fact, he told me MASH it so I giggled and said "okay" For a truck of that size and weight, the accelleration was just astonishing! My '94 Silverado Z71, which I thought would be quicker then the Diesel, was no where close! The other 2 diesels we took out today were left in the dust.

If your looking for something fun to do on a Saturday, testdrive the 3 big diesels...It was a blast but my mind is made up. This July Ill have the GMC in the lane.


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