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A soldier story(rough draft

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posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 01:04 PM
I had a dream today. so i thought id right it down

Key. lost time mean i dont know what happened an ill have to fill it in later

also the story is very bad in spelling an grammar,i wrote it a minute after i woke up still in the sleepy haze
A soldiers story
after an 8 month tour in bosnia i was shot in the leg during a serbian

raid on our camp "colt". luckily we won the scirmage against them but i

was airlifted to a military camp somewhere on a the coast of turkey.

abpouot 7 months i spent in turkey i was wondering when ide get home an

most of all why hadnt i seen anyone in my sqaud. I checked some gps maps

and found the location which iether was ignores or not notices. I noticed

they were in a deserted area in east bosnia right by the border or


With the mentality to never leave a man behind an thinking they might

have been lost me an 2 delta scouts went off to look for them

lost time:

they were both killed an i woke up in a prison camp, sitting next to sgt.

Neilson an corparol .Renuzit.
being in full health i had to esscape an get them out of here but i had

to gain the trust of the gaurds.

on and off for 6 months i was fed meager meals, beaten with then black

poles, leaving welts all over my body. but the worst part to me was the

toilet which was sat on floor an right behind it the wall was knocked

out creating a ten foot drop just behind the toilet. The gaurds would

routinely as if it was a game bring u to the bathroom,let you do you

business than try to push you off the "cliff".
\During the end of my time before i escaped bothe Neilson an Renuzit were

beaten to death having little heath left when i came.

to remember there deaths i wrote log of all there activities an all

that they took before the finally gave up,to asure they would be

recognized if i was to make it out...alive

after a couple days of planning i decided when they left me alone in the

bathroom i would escape but hanging of the ledge an dropping the 4 feet

left beneath, then break out the window an run.

My plan worked an at 11:34 i ran off almost in the noonday sun.For about

12 or 13 miles when i stopped running i came to a small village of

gypies. having no one else i stopped there. by lucky chance they were

also arboring another american, who i think may have been a deserted. but

at that time i didnt care i just neededpositive human contact

lost time:

i was running home almost through a park like setting running along a

rode that wrapped around for miles. buti finally made it home

then i woke up

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