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Have you seen anything like this?

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posted on Jun, 1 2006 @ 02:19 AM
This is a first post, however I've been a longtime addict of this site. I've lived on the Atlantic coast of Central Florida for 20 years and have grown up watching launches and mishaps from Cape Canaveral and have been an avid aviation enthusiast. Never before had I witnessed anything quite as remarkable as what I and 3 of my close friends saw in the night sky in Mid-February.
We were outside in an area with very little light pollution and no visible clouds, approx. 1:25 AM when we were startled by a unique flash of light; unique because it had the pure quality of daylight, it lit up everything in an instant and immediately got our attention. Due to the severity of the flash and lack of sound, we jumped up and witnessed, from the apparent point of origin, what i can only decribe as a sliver began moving up and to the right. I'd say it came from a spot roughly 15-20 deg. easterly off due north at an azimuth of 60 deg. This luminous contrail edged its way up, not arcing smoothly like a missile or tracer. Its exact color was indistinguishable, more like the character of a bright star. As it moved, the trail seemed more intense the longer it became until the end receded and it disappeared, leaving no trace behind. From initial flash to the end of the tear itself, probably 3.5-4.0 seconds.
I've seen every modern vehicle launched from the Kennedy Space Center, am familiar with pretty much the whole range of aircraft, I've seen coast guard flare tests offshore, and I've heard many stories of odd sightings over the ocean, but (and all cliches aside) I am stumped.
I'm convinced that what we saw was some kind of exotic propulsion system not necessarily associated with anything KSC-based. The lack of sound and the overall neat-and-tidyness of such a huge burst of light and the contrail or 'tear in the space-time continuum' was like nothing any of the witnesses have ever seen, heard or read about. It was not the Aurora Borealis, or a bomb,or a plane, or hallucination. That night piqued my interest.
In searching for pictures of different atmospheric phenomena I hit this site:

In my feeble mind, trying to discern whatever we saw that night, I hope it was some craft capable of travelling interdimensionally. Or something.
Please give me some feedback! Have you seen anything like this?

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 10:59 AM
Interesting to say the least. I didn't read the whole link provided but I will when I get a chance. I honestly don't know what it could have been. I have seen many meteor's while out in the desert and at home. None are even close to what you describe. I would lean towards some sort of vehicle but would keep my mind open to other ideas. I hope someone else can help.

posted on Jun, 2 2006 @ 12:25 PM
an exact date would be a start

were there any news reports of other sightings ??-- why did only you and your friends see it ??

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 09:41 AM
Hey.. i just started looking for an answer to what i seen too.. and was quite surprised when i came across your post... i live in England, when i was in school sometime in march 2003 i think. i was sat in class talking to a friend and then there was a massive white flash so bright i couldn't make out my friends face and couldn't see nothing but white... this lasted for about 2 seconds and then disappeared. there was no sound at all.. After it disappeared the whole class went silent and started looking around in confusion and my mate turned around and said "what was that?" i had no idea but it was clearly very weird, i spent the remainder of the day just trying to work out what it could have been but still today i have no idea what it was...its was far to bright to be anything except maybe a massive explosion.. but that wouldn't be impossible in such a built up area like where i live... so I’m clueless

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 09:56 AM

IMHO , in the ansence of other data - its quite possible that the " flash " was the sun being occulted by heavy cloud cover

as you state " you were at school " -- and live in england , you can be forgiven for being unfamiliar with the phenonemon known as " brigh sun light " ROFLMAO

but on a more serious note -- if what you saw was not the sun , eiter direct or indirectly dazzling you -- then why was the entire school not aware of it , not just your class -- also what about your entire home town ???

goven that the incident happened 3 years ago -- the archives of the local news paper [ back issues are held at your local library too ] are the best bet for additional info

also the local police station is required to keep copies of all incident logs -- but given the time elapsed -- you would have to check access issues [ the data protection act etc may prevent you being given access ]

if the "incident" was not reported by anyone else in your town -- it begs the question why not ??

that is always a key question -- if an incident SEEMED to be of such magnitude that it would , or should have affected or been witnessed in a large are - why wasnt it ??

posted on Jun, 14 2006 @ 11:34 AM
Yeah your right to laugh about the bright sun light because it was very cloudy, as always.. hehe

"its quite possible that the " flash " was the sun being occulted by heavy cloud cover" - well maybe... but after i happened i looked out the window at my surroundings and thought about all the possibilities involving the sun... and it was far too bright to be anything related am sure. it was also quite early in the morning maybe 9.00am and in March so the sun was still quite low and wasn't very bright at all. i imagine because it was early there would be a lot of people indoors either working, or in bed and the flash was so short that it could have easily been missed if you were concentrating or in deep thought... but another friend of mine who was in another part of the building said he saw it and 'it was weird' when i asked him... but then didn't really seem to care about what it was like a lot of people wouldn't...hmmm..

Maybe when i have time i could check out the library see if there is anything related though i doubt i will find anything, and will likely be a waste of time... i have lived in his town all my live and have never seen anything like it before and neither has anyone else i know.. but there was defiantly others that saw that flash, also it didn't make my eyes hurt or want to close... it was just like everything went a bright white for a second or so.. but if it was the sun i saw in some way, and it was that bright.. then i know it would hurt my eyes and i’d need to close them right away, and i don’t think sunlight would have been the same colour as what i saw

meh.. I’m sure its probably just a very simple explanation like most things... but it would be interesting to hear any theories or stories about what it could be

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