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Satelite to help verify 4th Dimension

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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 09:30 PM
A satelite set to launch in 2007 is tasked with the uncertain job of attempting to detect micro-singularities. The singularities would have been created at the moment of or a few seconds after the Big Bang. Einstien theorized that these black holes would have disapated by now. However, alternative physics explinations on the rise, Einstien is once again being questioned. With string theory and the possibility of multiple dimensions at thier side scientists on this project hope to do nothing less than attempt to unify Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.
An exotic theory, which attempts to unify the laws of physics by proposing the existence of an extra fourth spatial dimension, could be tested using a satellite to be launched in 2007.

Such theories are notoriously difficult to test. But a new study suggests that such hidden dimensions could give rise to thousands of mini-black holes within our own solar system – and the theory could be tested within Pluto’s orbit in just a few years.

Black holes of various masses are thought to have sprung into existence within 1 second of the big bang, as elementary particles clumped together at extreme energies. But Einstein's theory of general relativity predicts the smallest of these "primordial" black holes should have already evaporated, through a quantum process called Hawking radiation.

But according to some alternative theories that attempt to unify gravity with quantum mechanics, such as string theory, small black holes could still exist. That is because these theories propose extra spatial dimensions, which alter the way gravity behaves on small scales. The theory of general relativity holds that there are three spatial dimensions plus time.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

An ever interested novice in astrophysics and alternate dimensions this article caught my attention. If we are able to detect microblack holes it would defintally go a long way towards helping us understand our multiverse better.

Right now scientists are all caught up over E=MC^2 because photinos captured and studied by japanese physisits last year suggest that moving at the speed of light does not mean that you do not have mass.

not to mention the fact that data gathered from satilites Voyager and others suggest that light does not move in straight lines and at periodic times simply changes direction or "bends" all of which for reasons scientists either cannot find or cannot understand.

There is such fear of quetsioning the Genius of Einstien that much of our progress in the fields of astrophysics have been hampered. However, with the discovery of micro-singularities, i feel that the impediment of Einstien would be removed as proof would exhist that he didn't get it right on, hopefully allowing us to rocket forward in our understand of the universe.

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