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healthy and happy under the influence

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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 04:20 PM

So there is alot of bad press and well documented proof against using drugs and alcohol (and deservedly so) and the effect it has on our health and well being. the thing is i seem to know alot of healthy happy productive people who use drugs and drink alcohol on a fairly regular basis. Do you think this all comes down to the "type" of person, metabalism, state of mind etc. or is it really possible to enjoy going to the moon with your feet planted firmly and healthy on the ground.

john lennon said that he tried his best to love reality, just didnt do it for him. he was shot by a rotting worm, but some of my favourite musicians also ofcourse died (mostly at 27) from distorting their reality.

for example,I know some people who seem to almost get fueled by smoking a joint, while others are still on the couch where i left them last week.

So is it a case of practicing complete abstinence, balance, or excess.


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