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New Diana evidence found.

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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 01:27 AM
It has been revealed that new evidence has come to light relating to the crash that killed Diana, Princess of Wales.

New eveidence has emerged over the death of Diana, Princess of Wales according to the man leading the investigation into the car crash that killed her.

Sir John Stevens refused to elaborate on the nature of the new material, and also said that he had revealed more than he had intended to.


Well this sounds interesting. New witnesses and a rather strange comment to make, "revealed more than he had intended to". To me, that can only mean something dodgy, however that may be the ATS'er in me. For a former police commisioner to say that it would indicate to me that he had discovered evidence unnatural to normal crash investigations.

Hopefully they will make public ALL findings as they appear, however i can't help thinking that this won't be the case.


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posted on May, 31 2006 @ 05:12 AM
Hello cx
I think this is just gonna be another cover-up.
We all have very good reasons to have our own opinions on who did kill them, we know where and why it was done?

IMHO this one will just get swept under the carpet (again)!! the TRUE information will NEVER be released....EVER.

This case has so many discrepencies against it and yet still we have been fobbed off with a total pack of lies, if this was a criminal case against a member of the public, this case (with all the discrencies) against wouldnt have even got to court!!!

Oh god this one really gets me ,mainly coz i remember exactly where and what i was doing when the news broke (driving along the embankment in london) and has puzzled me ever since , to many things that dont add up !!!

CX mate sorry but i really dont think us (joe public) will ever hear ANYTHING about this new evidence that we are not supposed to hear, they we tell us what they want to hear unfourtunatly

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