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Tragic Murder/Suicide - Why?

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posted on May, 29 2006 @ 09:41 AM
As a Dad, with a young son of my own, this story really bothers me.

From a conspiracy angle, it just won't go away. It keeps nagging at me. Things just don't add up on this one. That is always a big red flag for me, when something happens that just doesn't make sense, but fits a certain profile, and it keeps nagging at me. Its almost like a sixth sense, telling me; look more deeply into this situation.

The last time I felt it this strongly was with the little girl shot by the LAPD during a gun battle involving her dad. She turned out to have coc aine in her system.

Authorities searched a St. Louis-area home Sunday for clues to why a doctor killed his two young sons by throwing them over a Miami Beach hotel balcony and them jumped to his own death.

Why on earth would he do such a thing?

Edward Van Dyk, a radiation oncologist at Alton Memorial Hospital, did not suffer from depression and was not on any sort of medication, Hernandez said.

The Van Dyks had had marital problems over the past six months, police said. But their relationship had improved, and the family was celebrating the couple's 10th wedding anniversary at the posh Loews Hotel in the South Beach neighborhood.

The spin suggests he just snapped, went nutzo, wacko. What else could it be? What would drive a Dad to throw his two young sons 125 ft. to their deaths, then jump after them?

The guy had just moved to the Alton area and taken over as head of the cancer center at Alton Memorial a year and a half ago. At 43, it seems like his career was going great.

Edward Van Dyk became head of the hospital's cancer center 18 months ago after the family moved from New Mexico, where he had practiced at the New Mexico Cancer Center in Albuquerque, hospital officials said.

Great attention is focused on grief counseling for the stricken wife and mother, as it should be.

Qinuo Van Dyk, who remains in Miami Beach, has no relatives in the United States, but authorities were working to expedite a visa so her father could fly from China to join her. The director of Alton Memorial Hospital, who is also a family friend, was flying in Sunday, Hernandez said.

"She's going through the steps," he said. "Yesterday she was in the denial stage. Today she was already in the anger stage. She was already starting to talk about what a selfish husband she had."

Qinuo Van Dyk's life revolved around the two boys, a school official told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. She home-schooled Carl and sent Spencer to Montessori Children's House of Godfrey, said Rod Connell, the head of the school.

Is that all there is to it? A selfish husband who all of a sudden loses it and throws his two sons and himself off the 10th floor balcony of a resort hotel on his 10th wedding anniversary?

Now the man's own dad is saying he was sounding paranoid and hallucinatory in a phone call two days prior to the tragedy.

Oebele Van Dyk, 86, said he talked to his son the day before Edward Van Dyk flew to Miami to be with his wife and two sons, who were already staying at the Loews Hotel where the incident occurred. The boys were 4 and 8-years-old.

"He was very distraught. I think he was seeing things that didn't seem to be real," Van Dyk told The Miami Herald on Sunday in a telephone interview from his home in New York.

Van Dyk described his son as a "peaceful guy," who "never, never fought" and said his son did not have any history of mental problems.

I would like to know exactly what was said in that phone call. There is more to this story than a man suddenly losing it and going crazy for no reason and killing himself and his two young sons. I am sure of it.

The wife, the director of Alton Memorial Hospital (a family friend), and Rod Connell, the head of Montessori Children's House of Godfrey should all be thoroughly vetted as part of the investigation into this tragedy, imo.




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